Curve Customer Service AWOL

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I’ve been reading from afar the commentary on Curve social media and their forum and I’ve spotted a recurring theme. Essentially Curve customer service seems to be awol.

Even loyal “ I signed up for metal to support the company I love” types seem to have had enough.

My best assumption based on reading feedback is that customer service response times are about 2 weeks (unless someone files a formal complaint), metal cards are taking in excess of 2 weeks and a tweet I sent them in January 28th got a reply a couple of hours ago.

It’s beginning to feel like they’ve really lost control. At least when Monzo and Starling has customer service issues they took to social and apologised. Curve just seem AWOL for the most part


Liquidity issues. Apparently they had a failed/stunted attempt at a raise in Q4 2018.

Wouldn’t be surprised if AMEX bought them on the cheap.


Except for moving post on the c"ommunity" locking down errant threads as quickly as possible…

I would be very surprised if amex had even the tiniest interest in buying up curve, but what do I know…


It would be nice to get an American Express branded Curve that pays out reward points for charging your underlying card, to be honest!

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I think your right but I also think it’s just weird enough to not completely rule out


This is funny because I got a response to a non urgent question within a few days. I don’t know if it was automated but they followed up a few times asking me if it was a still an issue.

It was fixed with an update so I didn’t need their help in the end.

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I only thought about this post because they DM’d me on Twitter regarding a tweet I posted on 28th January. I get answering anything with an easy answer 1st (quick wins and all that) but we know what the Fintech community can do when their questions don’t get answered


I had a query last week where a transaction was apparently declined but my funding card was charged nontheless. Curve responded in less than 30 minutes and advised they’d already began the reversal process. Reversal hit my account early the following morning.

So they’re not AWOL. Maybe they’ve just got selective hearing switched on at the moment…?

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I think they’ll deal with queries much quicker if it’s not related to Amex and Metal.


You recently contacted us and we haven’t got back to you yet. We wanted to apologise for the delay and let you know that your query is still in our system and is being prioritised for review.

Got to love generic replies, but the thing that made me laugh was at the bottom of the email.

Remember to give and get £5 on your Curve card by referring a friend

Why would anyone refer someone to Curve when the customer service is so slow.

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friend of mine that logged a formal complaint on Monday just got the same reply today

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Curve customer service is absolute dog :poop: tbh.


So I finally got a reply to me email on the 17th, the reply is telling me, they will reply with a reply

We are looking into this for you and will be in touch as soon as possible.


So I get a reply from Curve, which is even more confusing.

> Charlie here, stepping in for Elizabeth.
> I can see that you signed up to Curve on November 2nd 2018.
> Since moving over to our Subscription model - the Curve Black proposition (which you are on) includes insurance benefit.
> Please do let us know if you would like to keep your Curve account otherwise - we can go ahead and cancel your account.
> Looking forward to hearing from you.
> Best wishes,
> Charlie
> Team Curve

Not sure what part of I do not have a Curve card do they not understand. To sign up for Curve you sign up to receive a card, I don’t have one, and have never had one.

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You don’t have much joy with onboarding do you


It’s a great way to test customer service, if they struggle to actually get you as a customer, always going to be one to watch.


Apparently they are now recruiting “campus brand ambassadors” rather than the desperately needed customer service personnel:

I’m half minded to ask him if he can chase up my support ticket about the use of my (supposedly closed) card.

What a farce of a company…


Can they pay me to sit around at my campus and talk about Curve?

Edit: nevermind this position looks like shit, they don’t even give you a black or metal subscription