Curve Feedback and Thoughts

Surprised we haven’t had this topic tbh, probably because no one wants to feedback only negative :joy: with no redeeming features

Anyways - as we all know I think Curve is worth about as much as something I accidentally step in at the local park.

That or my current MP (@anon2878274 :wink:)

Curve confirmed receipt of my complaint today and I’ll be posting the result of it when it clears :slight_smile:

My complaint was based on:

  • Misleading proposal of ‘free FX’ within Curve, as it says unlimited (and isn’t)
  • People paying £50 one time shouldn’t get Curve black for life when I and others are paying continually for a service
  • Gadget and Travel Insurance were actually in the same policy, so it read as travel gadget insurance rather than being separate (which it isn’t)

So what do you guys have in regards to Feedback & Thoughts as of recent for Curve?


Starling has my cash in now

Revolut is my spending card as I like to keep it separate

but most goes on amex anyway…

Curve can’t take amex and I use Apple Pay a lot anyway so just dosen’t serve a purpose and those investing are fucking lunatics as everything is going to be digital in under 10 years… I live in China atm and haven’t used a card in over a year… all Alipay and WeChat and all QR codes… I can’t remember last time I looked at a restaurant menu… QR code on table to order from digital menu. Settle bill on digital menu and leave… so simple.

Go to tourist spot scan QR code for guide.

Rent a bike QR code.

Send money to a friend while chatting on WeChat - red packet…

Curve has not future period and the offering is thin as hell.

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You’ve connected Starling to WePay and Alipay?

No I have IBIC with remissions thing to the UK idk a friend set it up for me.

I just have all my GBP in the starling account Trust fund money :shushing_face:

Curve Cash! Just don’t actually try and withdraw cash…

Curve Send is available for you on Beta!

We’re thrilled to introduce Curve Send! Please bear in mind that you’ll be testing a minimum viable product (MVP).

All you need to do is update your app to the latest version (version number) now. We’ll be sending out the new Beta build tomorrow morning. In the next 12 hours that might crash if you’re on an older app version.

If you signed up for the Beta programme after Wednesday at 11:00 BST, you will get access to the Beta app next week.

How it works

  • You’ll be able to send money via Curve from your underlying funding card to your friends’ Curve Cash card. The money can only be spent from the Curve Cash card.

  • You can send to other Curve customers who currently have access to this feature. In other words: they need to be on Beta.

  • The transfer will be charged in GBP on your payment card regardless of the currency selected for that card in your wallet.

  • Transfers can only be made by EEA residents using an EEA issued payment card.

What to expect

  • This is an MVP. It’s a limited version of what will be rolled for the public launch later on.

  • Curve Cash card does work not exactly the same as your funding cards. There are a few restrictions.

  • Your Curve Cash card and retailers can be found under “Wallet”.

  • Please use low amounts of money in case something breaks and you cannot access the funds right away.

Known issues

  • It might take a little while to see the money in your account.

You must always use your Curve card with your selected payment card in accordance with your underlying payment card’s terms and conditions


Their comms are clear as ever. Do you have to update? Do you update in 12 hours time or now? Does your app crash now, or in twelve hours time? I don’t get it.

More curve, half hearted broken nonsense that no one understands

I noticed this as well. It seems like they forgot to include the actual version number…

I’m glad it’s not just me.

First time I read it, I thought I hadn’t woken up…

Ha, I thought @Gaoler had redacted the version number because he got us confused with the Curve forum :joy:

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Not that quick!!

It’s in Play Store now though

I’ve already convinced everyone I know to stay as far away from curve though :frowning:

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Couldn’t find anywhere more suitable to vent this so…

I’ve been a supporter of Curve for some time and helped out on the forum from time to time.

This has involved frequent wincing at comms faux pas, particularly around the bewildering tier structure (the Amex debacle is a distant memory :flushed:).

I’m really struggling now with the inability of their support team to fix a problem of mine. Simply put, I’ve been unable to change my PIN at an ATM. I’ve had three replacement cards in an attempt to fix it - no luck.

I’ve been told to variously try more and more ATM machines and frequently been asked if I know how to change my PIN :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.

It’s now officially wearing very thin…


Have they issued new pins with the cards, because that should be the solution.

Sounds like an absolute nightmare, Graham!

Like you, I really championed Curve for a while and referred a few people too. I was let down a couple of times with declines and duplicate transactions and subsequently useless support to solve both issues. I now only use it once a month for one large cash withdrawal to bypass my banks daily withdrawal limit.

I would recommend simply dropping Curve, while I understand that doesn’t solve the underlying issue that you’re having, it will mean that you won’t need to deal with their support.

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No, my card still has the pin I gave it some months back. I’ve even used it to make transactions. It’s just the bloody pin change…:confused:

They just need to reissue you a new pin, not related to your account and current cards, it’s not rocket science. Obviously no guarantee it will work, it’s curve, but its the normal solution to when someone can’t change a pin in a cash machine.

Ah, ok @daedal, I’ll see where that gets me…:grinning:

You could also try going to an ATM, putting in the existing PIN and choosing to do a PIN Unlock?

It might unblock the card if something has gone wrong, and possibly after you have done this it might then allow a PIN change.

Just a thought if you haven’t tried it already, it’s probably what I would do in this situation!

I thought of that but didn’t go with that option. In the absence of anything else happening right now, though, I’ll give it a whirl… ta.