Curve Metal and Black v2 have Launched


Curve have launched their new cards, costing £9.99 or £14.99 a month with an app update.

But the app doesn’t seem to be advertising the insurance benefits correctly - it says that it comes with travel insurance (sure, but not all holidays), gadget insurance (sure, but it doesn’t cover the iPhone X used in the picture) and car hire CDW waiver (sure, but only for a basic / small cars). Are there any rules about selling insurance products transparently?

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Not sure about the rules, but I’d suggest you also post on the Curve Community - previous feedback on there did lead to them changing tack.


No but they will be classed as mis-sold if they would not be off use based on the information given, for example you have an iPhone X they show you an iPhone X you would rightly believe it would be covered, when in fact its not, thus you are mis-sold. People argue its down to you to check the small print, the law doesn’t say that. Both the Financial Conduct Authority and Advertising Standard Authority rules are clear on that.


Not really my job! I’d hope they have a good legal team, but if not I’m sure they’re welcome to set up a new account here.

The insurance page is here:

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Looks like they launched today. However I am very confused by something

What exactly does Unlimited Amex Support actually mean??? There are already people on the Curve community asking why the site says Unlimited Tops and the T’s and C’s say £10K. I don’t interpret this as unlimited topup but I cannot for the life of me figure out what it means

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Curve implements Amex support via a prepaid wallet, which you top up with your Amex. The blue card charges you 0.65% of the top up amouby, the black card comes with £1000/month fee-free top ups before fees are incurred, and the metal card comes with unlimited top ups.

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But is the “unlimited” “limited” to 10K?

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so I guess in a very ambiguous way they are saying that you can top up as many times as you like (unlimited) but after your top limit is hit you pay a fee.

Or there is no limit to the number of times you can top up but there is a limit to how much you top up for free

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It’s “unlimited” in the sense that they don’t charge you any fees no matter how often / how much you top up, unless you hit a fair usage cap (I haven’t read the T&Cs, @Dan mentioned £10K).


What a mess. Anyone figured out how to actually be grandfathered now? I can’t figure it out …


If you are on the old black, I thought you just didn’t do anything?


Nope: I’ve been upgraded to a subscription without any interaction. From what I read on the curve forum you are meant to get 3 months free and can be grandfathered during those 3 months.

However, I have no idea how to actually get grandfathered.

Typically Curve …


How do you know?

I haven’t had any notifications or anything.


Because it says this at card > manage your subscription after I updated the app this morning:

AFAIK fee free amex and fx only applies to “new black”

I also see my “insurance details” on the “Card” screen. Which is slightly “strange” to put it mildly, given that I wasn’t asked at any time if I wanted insurance. It looks like they just forced the insurance upon me without asking, as far as I can tell.


I think you have to contact CS (good luck!)

If you were on Curve Black (now Curve Black Legacy) before 27th of January 23:59 GMT you can be grandfathered. Please contact customers support to verify whether you are eligible.


Brilliant. I might get a reply some time in 2021 …


What I do actually find significantly more concerning is that I appear to have some insurance product forced upon me, which I didn’t and still don’t want. That is absolutely unacceptable to me.


You think you’ve got issues…


It’s not possible to opt out of the insurance either, without cancelling the card.


Yeah, I can’t get back into the app either…

Which is fine. But ask me if I want insurance before you activate it for me. Give me the option to decline, cancel the card, close the account, whatever. But you can’t just say “Oh, from today you have insurance through us.”

Is that even legal? Surely a change to the terms requires some notice with the option to decline (by closing the account, if need be).