Curve Metal and Black v2 have Launched


Like just about everything Curve say, there’s an element of bullshit in it.

Look at Curve Metal’s features:

Turns out that

  • Fee-free spending when abroad only applies certain days of the week
  • Car rental insurance doesn’t cover most cars you’d drive (and it’s likely people will be driving inadvertently without cover :flushed:)
  • Worldwide gadget insurance doesn’t apply to the latest iPhones or Apple Watches, the sort of devices people spending £15 a month on a card actually buy. And the gadget insurance appears on the travel insurance document???
  • Lounge access doesn’t mean access - but an opportunity to purchase a ticket each time you want to enter

Don’t get me wrong, the card has some decent benefits - which makes it crazier that they have to mis-sell their products so badly. This has PPI style claims written all over it.


I’ve already raised it over there, but the practices of this rollout are extremely dodgy in my opinion. I am on Curve Black. My phone auto-updates my apps. The curve app got updated (without me realising). I open the app to switch cards when I’m making a purchase. The next thing I know I’m being emailed an AXA travel insurance policy and being told I’m on a 3 month trial with £9.99/month being billed afterwards unless I cancel. No pop-up, no click here if you accept these changes, click here if you don’t etc etc. Oh but they sent me an email telling me about so I guess that constitutes a contract under legislation and GDPR. Sigh. Big sigh.


I didn’t even get any email. I only saw it on my card screen. Very dodgy indeed.

I think I’ll be filing a formal complaint about the insurance as I didn’t consent to this (nor to them passing on my details to AXA which they must’ve done), and I really really really don’t want this silly insurance.


Don’t assume. These guys don’t follow the rules.


I was being sarcastic…

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Got this email from Curve

As an early adopter of Curve Black, from today we are giving you 3 months of the new Curve Black with all its additional benefits for free. In order to benefit from the new Curve Black, you don’t need to do anything. We will get in touch before your free trial ends and you will have the option to roll back to your current benefit package at no cost (Curve Black Legacy), or continue with the new Curve Black.

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I’ll also be doing this…

I tried sending a support request in app but the form doesn’t work. So I’ll send an email over. Be interested to see what they say


Ive[quote=“thefifthrace, post:27, topic:899”]
I tried sending a support request in app but the form doesn’t work.

I’ve also raised that as a bug with them :smiley:


I didn’t even get this. NO communication from Curve at all. My app auto updated. I log in, and because I read here what curve are up to I tried figuring out how to get grandfathered, and discover that I have been moved to sub + insurance. But if I hadn’t actively looked for it I wouldn’t even have known.

I can’t express how utterly weird this is, particularly given that an actual freakin insurance is concerned (which I really don’t want), and they surely must’ve passed on my details to AXA without any information to (let alone consent from) me whatsoever.

I know I’m repeating myself, apologies for boring everyone, but I’m just trying to wrap my head around this…

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this is the email I sent

I also tweeted them

So we’ll see soon enough (I hope) what they say


Do let us know if/when they reply please.

I haven’t yet raised my complaint as I want to think it through carefully, and want to make sure I’m not forgetting anything.

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Will do, I prefer the irate shoot 1st ask questions later approach. However anything they reply to me now may help you with your email.


Here is mine, if anyone is interest:

Dear Sir/Madame,

upon opening my Curve app today (which had been automatically updated by the Play Store) I noticed that my account had been changed to a subscription based model.

This happened without any information about this model being provided to me, and without any agreement by me.

As part of this change I appear to have also been enrolled into some kind of insurance with AXA. I have no further details about this insurance, other than an AXA insurance number as I have not received any communication from you about this. (On my card screen appears to be a link to read the policy terms, but that link doesn’t work.)

I wish to complain about this as:

  1. I did not consent to a change to a subscription. I still do not consent to this, and refuse to pay any charges resulting from this. From the community forum I understand that I ought to be eligible for a “grandfathering” option, and I wish to avail myself of this option.

  2. I did not consent to obtaining insurance through you. I do not wish to have this insurance, and expect the insurance to be cancelled immediately.

  3. I did not and still do not consent to you sharing my personal data with AXA. Please confirm either that you have not shared my data without my consent, or under what legal basis you have shared my consent, and how you arrived at the conclusion that this legal basis was appropriate for sharing my data under the circumstances.

Given the seriousness of this situation, particularly that (a) you have obtained insurance for me without my consent, and (b) you have shared my personal data with a third party without consent, I will consider raising this matter both with the Financial Ombudsman Service and the Information Commissioner’s Office, should you not reply to these concerns speedily and satisfactorily.

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Wow! I feel like I should completely rewrite and resend my email :grin:

That’s a really nice bit of work


:rage: :roll_eyes:


Rather surprisingly I received a manual reply already, 42 min after I sent off the e-mail - at least they are taking complaints seriously:

Thank you for informing me that you would like to lodge a complaint. I have forwarded your mail to our Operations Team who will be in touch shortly with a formal acknowledgement.


@thefifthrace did Curve reply? I can’t see the tweets :joy: seem to be blocked

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No reply besides the auto reply

Have they blocked you???

3D secure roll out

No, you did :thinking: