Curve Metal and Black v2 have Launched

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Weird… maybe I’ve been hacked

Apologies… fixed… no idea what happened there

Awkward :neutral_face:


3D secure roll out

Seriously, that excuse is so old by now…

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Yeah, probably just “fat-finger syndrome”, from which I occasionally suffer myself :joy:

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To be fair I’m three bottles of wine into dinner so who knows what’s going on.

I did get this reply from Curve though


Not to hijack the topic but what is #fbpe

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Follow back pro European.

For the record I am not participating in the political thread :grin:


This keeps getting more pathetic.

Today I received two notifications from Curve:

“We’ve made important changes to our Terms of Service” advising me of new terms and “here are your new AXA Insurance details!”

So, at least now I officially know some more details about the insurance I never wanted …

It’s just a bit late, isn’t it …


What I find really weird, is that I’ve read (well, skimmed) a lot of articles going on about Curve, Amex, Subscription, Insurance, and they are all repeating the party line: Great, if a bit cumbersome.

Not a single journalist seems to have had even a casual glance at the insurance limitations to figure out that it’s a fairly useless insurance for most, let alone at the difficulties they are having with the way it’s been introduced (the buggy nature of the app, the many uncertainties that have arisen on their own forum which their own staff seem hardly able to answer, their week long support wait times, that unsuspecting black users have been “given” an insurance without their consent, etc).

Am I missing something? Is none of that news worthy? Is journalism that dead? Am I just overreacting?


Where did you read these articles? Bloggers I can understand, they are incentivised by £5 for everyone they sign up - where as Tandem gives bugger all, even if this is a much better deal for 99% of their readers!

It’s a shame they are so greedy and don’t bother sharing what they really think. But it’s a good warning to those of us who know about such things as to how far you can trust them - bit like going on a date with someone who’s rude to a waiter :slight_smile:


Yeah, I guess mostly blogs. Which explains it …

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You know…after Revolut’s Airport Lounge launch with only one free pass for a lifetime…

This isn’t so bad.

Guys, it’s decision time for me.

N26 Metal, Curve Metal or Revolut Metal.

Which one is the best out of the three?

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When did they launch it? I can’t see anything in the app, on their Twitter feed or on their blog.


You mean the least bad, right? I don’t know, but unless you really really want a metal card (maybe your wallet is too light?) I can’t see the draw in any of them, and even then they seem expensive for what they offer. But I guess your needs might be different from mine.

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From just looking at the 3 providers’ travel insurance offerings, I find Revolut’s insurance (the same levels of cover for both Premium and Metal) to have to most favourable terms when compared to both N26’s and Curve’s premium offerings. The terms can be found here:

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It’s launched alright. The app update from them says it’s been launched. And people found out, you only get 1 free pass. You have to pay almost full price for the rest.

I don’t want a metal card. I just want the benefits. Travel insurance, phone insurance, LoungeKey etc.


(The below is my personal opinion - NOT advice!)

In that case I’d get it elsewhere, although that will depend on your circumstance as well.

E.g. Nationwide offer trave, phone and break down insurance for £13 pcm. As they also offer interest on balances up to a certain max you can reduce the effective cost, if you have the cash to “park” it there.


  • Nationwide covers family. The various metal offerings AFAIK only the card holder (might not matter to you, of course).
  • With Nationwide you are covered even if you didn’t pay for the item with your card. AFAIK the various metal offerings variously state that you need to have paid for (something) with your card in order to be covered.
  • Nationwide has top class cover. The exclusions and limits with Curve in particular (I haven’t investigated the others) are just ridiculous if you ask me (£800 max limit for phones? In 2019?).
  • Nationwide has a known, good track record of dealing with insurance claims. N26, Revoult, and Curve have no track record (they might be brilliant, of course, but we simply don’t know)
  • nationwide take you through a basic questionnaire before you sign up to cover the very basics of determining if the insurance will be covering you (eg pre existing medical conditions? Please call us and disclose them). The metal offerings just go “you want to give us money? Sure thing!” which doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence. I’m sure a lot of people will find various claims denied due to some exclusion, pre existing conditions etc.


  • Nationwide’s offering is mobile insurance only, not “gadget”.
  • Nationwide not as sexy.
  • Undoubtedly others, but these are the only ones that come to mind to me, personally.


Much better options out there for benefits than all three you have mentioned. Just because its Fintech doesn’t mean its better. Some traditional banks offer better for the same price or less.

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But Nationwide has nothing on LoungeKey right?

I sort of left Nationwide a year ago. Looks like I’ll have to go back to them again. It’s a shame none of these fintech companies can get it right. Curve’s overall offerings disappointed me, crossed my fingers that Revolut will launch LoungeKey properly and they also failed.

So Nationwide’s the best, am I correct?


Depends on your circumstances. If you have family, and it’s exclusions don’t apply to you it quite likely is, but if not you might want to consider others. (again, my opinion, NOT advice!)

Have a look here for starters: