Curve Metal and Black v2 have Launched

(Dotun) #83

No it isn’t. It’s very simple. The 3 month limit is gone. If you are a Black holder before Feb 16th 2018, you’ll be on the old program and won’t benefit from this change (however you can upgrade your sub to benefit).

How is that hard to understand?


The fact you had to explain, means its not that clear to everyone :wink:

(Dotun) #85

I know you are being cheeky there, but really it’s not that hard. All they did here in this announcement is remove that silly 90 day limit for non-grandfathered Black/Metal users. That’s all.

(Dan Mullen) #86

I think the confusing part is that you have old blue, old black, new blue, new black and metal. Old blue and old black is a totally different reward scheme, the details of which seem to have disappeared from the app.

(Dotun) #87

On iOS at least, you definitely can see your rewards scheme on the app.


I spend so much on Amazon the 1% is appealing, the rest of Curve isn’t, but that combined with the benefits makes Curve sound appealing.

(Dan Mullen) #89

It’s just a blank screen on Android.

(Dotun) #90

Oh. That’s poor. They need to fix that then.


Join the loooooong list of things to fix…


Oh, this company is such a mess!

So, as a result of their immense mess I decided to cancel my account. Which they finally confirmed they did yesterday night.

True enough I’m now logged out and can no longer log in.

Then, a few minutes ago I got a notification on my logged out curve app about Google debiting my curve card. True enough it’s due today and I had registered my curve card with them a while ago. The underlying card has also been charged.

But how? I thought my account was closed? What a mess!!

(sam) #93

That doesn’t sound good. Surely closing an account should immediately lock the card / delete the underlying cards

(Marcel Ruhf) #94

Could have been a delayed transaction? Lately, transaction notifications seen to be delayed in such a way that the underlying card is debited immediately, but the transaction only shows up in the Curve app 5 minutes to 2 hours later, so that could be the issue.


I’m still waiting for a reply from Curve regarding why I have insurance but no card etc. They obviously have an issue prioritising things.


Unlikely I think: I got their email that my account was closed at 1740 yesterday, but the transaction is clearly dated today on the underlying card.

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #97

A friend that I referred to Curve was automatically upgraded to a trial black subscription and received an email to that effect. He confirmed with them he had insurance and as luck (might be the right word) would have it he lost phone whilst skiing. He contacted Curve and (suprisingly) he got a very fast response telling him to check his app for insurance details.

He put his sim into an old crappy android phone (not casting aspersions on Android, it was genuinely a small old crappy phone) and couldn’t find details of the insurance. Assuming it might be an android issue I logged out of Curve on my phone and logged into his Curve account but the details weren’t there either

I’ve subsequently signed back into my phone and confirmed the insurance section sits above “manage your subscription” but two issues remain:

  1. He’s had to raise a formal complaint about his insurance
  2. I am getting notifications for his Curve transactions

The second one is most worrying. Despite logging out and logging back in as me I am still getting all of his notifications and all my notifications from Curve.

(Marcel Ruhf) #98

They also don’t seem to delete card details when you remove a card from the app. I once removed a card and added it back a week later, and the transaction history for that card prior to deletion was still there.


That indeed is just unforgivable in my opinion.

Presumably sames as me getting notifications after my account was (supposedly) closed and logged out.

I cannot comprehend what level of carelessness and incompetence need to be combined to make that even possible.

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #100

I haven’t responded to the formal complaint reply I got yet… lately I am becoming more and more inclined to take this to the FCA. Looking through their community there is plenty of evidence of their incompetence

(sam) #101

They need to have a serious rethink about what they want to be as a business

(Dave) #102

This might be an overreaction, but apart from their very slow customer support I’ve not had any problems with Curve. However, the recent comments here and over on their own forum don’t inspire much confidence. Until they sort themselves out I don’t want my cards in their system so I have removed them for the time being.

I want to like and use Curve so I hope they can sort things out. However, I don’t have enough trust that I won’t be stuck with a problem in the future.