Curve Metal and Black v2 have Launched

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I sent the follow response so it’ll be interesting to see what they come back with. I’ve put the comments from their email in bold and my replies below

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Just got this

Edit… Suffice to say I’ve recommended they turn that bit of ZenDesk Off

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I sent this to them on Sunday

On Tuesday I got this email

Interestingly every correspondance has cancelled next to my name and it reminds me of an old trick HP used to use

I had a problematic server but each time the HP engineer tried something he would close the case and make us open a new one. He openly admited it was to prevent them from ever breaching SLA’s.

I am sure everyone at Curve must know how shirt the their customer service is right now but I don’t have another explaination for the cancelled bit.

Either way they are 8 working hours away from an FCA and ICO complaint unless they really manage to surprise me


Yeah, I’m also still waiting for a reply to my question about how they could allow Google to debit my supposedly closed account.

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So apparently the only way to cancel the insurance I didn’t ask for is to cancel my Black Membership completely.

I’m going to consider my options this weekend but I think I’m going to take the refund, cancel the card and file a complaint with both the FCA and the ICO. I’m still not convinced that GDPR allows them to what they’ve done in this way.


I think they’re probably fine in the GDPR end, to be honest. It states that you’re allowed to store and share information without explicit consent only if it’s a core part of your product

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I replied and asked them to refund and drop me to blue which surprisingly they did quicker than any thing they’ve done so far.

As soon as I have received the refund I am going to cancel the card and pursue a complaint with the FCA and ICO, but in the meantime I stil seem to have insurance and still appear to have Curve Black. I’m guessing that it will change when I activate the new card.


Lucky you. I’m still waiting for an explanation why my supposedly cancelled card is still active 3 weeks later (another payment came through this morning…)

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That’s so bad.
Are the payments something you’re wanting to pay for?


Yes they were. The one was my Google drive sub, that I had forgotten to update the card details. The other was an order I placed this morning on amazon, where I used the card for a test.


So, I finally got this email today:

Thanks for your response and I apologise for the delayed response. There was an error with closing your account and it meant that your card was not cancelled properly. I have now confirmed that this has been completed. We have also ensured that it is not possible to make any further transactions with your Curve card. Once you log out of the app, your account will be closed.

If any further transactions are attempted - they would be declined. We have also refunded the amount of 15.99 GBP to your card as a gesture of goodwill.

Tried to make another transaction through the card, and true enough the payment was decline. However, I still got a notification on my phone. Despite my account being supposedly closed and me being logged out of the app.

I’m so fed up with them: I really want them to close my account properly, and delete as much of my personal data as possible. And I don’t think they did that.

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I don’t see that as a problem. They need some of your personal data just in case you issue refunds or did some scammy thing.

The important thing here is that now the card is officially cancelled.


Well, you are right: They need some of my personal data. (Which is why I said I want them to delete as much my data as possible.) But they also need to stop sending me notifications now that I’m signed out of the app and my account is supposedly closed.

It’s unbelievable they send notifications to the app after you have signed out of it. It’s even more unbelievable they send notifications to the app after you have signed out and your account has been closed. (Supposedly. I still don’t think they have actually closed the account.)

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Can’t you just uninstall the app?


I have every intention to delete the app. After they’ve convinced me they’ve actually closed my account properly, and stop sending me notifications.

I have a suspicion that all they did was change the email address on the account to some invalid email address and cancel the card. That’s not account closure, though.

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Again, a full account deletion isn’t exactly possible. They need to store some of your data somewhere in case they need to contact you, refund you, or report to the police for any schemes you had done while you’re with them.

But the account is closed, no longer usable, not active and the card is no longer working. Companies are allowed to hold your data for some years.


Again, I’m not asking for account deletion. I’m asking for account closure. Certainly to stop sending notifications to an app that is now really unauthorized.

Regardless of whether an account is closed or not, I’m sure we all agree that they must stop sending notifications to an app after it’s been signed out, no?

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Interestingly that doesn’t actually work.

I still get notifications for my friends card even though I installed the app and signed into my own account


Seriously?! WTF Curve!

Did you ever raise this with them?

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I have an open case they haven’t replied to yet