Curve Metal/Black pricing

This page has appeared on Curve’s website:

As much as I would like a metal curve card, it’s not even close to being worth it for me. Anyone thinking they’ll sign up for black or metal?

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Curve black has travel and gadget insurance? Where can I find out more?
Oh, hang on, that’s the new curve black. Not the old. Their product names are sooo confusing…

Given the Lounge key access I’m guessing this is part of the MasterCard world elite program.

For me it doesn’t compare well with N26 metal though

For me it’s better than N26 metal. They cost about the same (though Curve is significantly cheaper if you pay 12 months up front), and they both have fairly similar benefits, none of which are any use to me. At least with Curve though, I would earn credit card rewards when I use the card, where as with N26 I’d be giving those up to use it.

Whilst Curve would be better than N26 for me, it’s still not worth £150/year just to have a metal card.

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Monzo’s forums don’t appear to be the premier plcae to discuss fintech now.

They’ve still not picked up on this.

I remember being really excited when I first heard about Curve. I used it quite a bit but then when I discovered Starling and Monzo my usage tailed off. I still used it when I was going for a night out - one card in my jeans pocket rather than my wallet. Recently though I’ve found that cash withdrawals are being declined (“not enough funds”), despite there being plenty of cash in the account.

I’d be interested if Starling offered something in respect of the MasterCard world elite programme, though only if the price was right. I think the likes of Curve and N26 are charging far too much considering the level of benefits. Unfortunately, they’ve probably set the yardstick for pricing in the UK. I can’t see the likes of Starling and Monzo massively undercutting them.

When you compare to Nationwide’s FlexPlus benefits, these type of offerings look very expensive.

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Very competitive pricing, but the benefits are limited. They look like they’ve gone for travel inconvenience insurance rather than travel insurance - no coverage if you fall ill, which is the bit people who can afford £150 /yr on cards need, as a hospital bill in the US can be eye-watering.

But of course, they still call it travel insurance :flushed: And it’s a bit misleading to give lounge access a tick when it still costs you £15 a visit! But if you’re just after a good looking card, this slimmed down approach is probably really good for you.

Kind of disappointed with the cashback. Still 90 days. That’s the one that sticks out for me.

I’ll hold on tight to my Curve Black with unlimited cashback with selected retailers.

Also what a shame, 60% discount on LoungeKey? While Revolut’s option is free? (when they EVER release it)

All for that hefty price per month? Curve, come on now. I was rooting for you!

I’m afraid you won’t be able to. To keep Curve Black you will have to pay £9.99/month. They will be giving us Curve Back users 6 months free, but then we will have to pay or downgrade to Curve Blue.

Theres a discussion on the Curve Forums about this change if you’re interested.

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Can you quickly point me to the discussion? Link? Can’t seem to find it.

This is the one where the announcement was posted:

But theres more discussion here:

And there is this one about the subscription model in general:

But none of the discussion is particular great, but hopefully with another input from users Curve will respond.

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The first two links posted, they let only selected members view it and I’m not one of them, so I can’t see it.
The third one I’ve seen it already, but it does not suggest that existing Curve Black users will have to pay.

For the first two links I get, “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!” :thinking:

It’s a closed community, so I’m unsure how to give you access unfortunately. Try and sign up if you can?

I’m a member and it doesn’t let me view.

EDIT: Got my answer. It’s for beta testers those threads.

I’m a member but like @Dotunmo don’t have access to those particular threads.

I believe it’s because you’re not part of the closed section of the forum just for Beta testers. Sorry you can’t see the threads, but not a lot of productive discussion is going on anyway.

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Is there really any benefit to Curve unless you have multiple bank accounts and credit cards?

I just don’t get the usefulness if somebody has 1 bank account and a credit card for example.

I think it depends on what those card are. If for example you have an HSBC debit card and a Barclaycard then Curve is great for travel, because you get the benefits of one of the Fintechs (no foreign exchange charges) without having to change your banking arrangements.

In fact if you travel at all and use credit cards when you do then Curve can potentially save you a lot of money

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But as it’s only 0% FX in a minority of countries and only applies for transactions processed on a working day and only for the first £500 spend per month and the whole card stops working after you’ve spent so much - you would have thought people would apply for a Tandem card instead if it the travel benefits were what they were after.

Maybe it’s a collection of things, the headline that you can leave all your other cards behind is pretty compelling, and instant notifications / analytics a nice bonus.

Or maybe the marketing guys are doing their job, and the HSBC / Barclaycard customer you mention has no idea that Curve can be far more expensive than their current cards for foreign spend?

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