Curve Metal - Cancellation

I’ve just got my curve metal and heading over yo cancel under the 14 day cooling of. I am reading that there will be a £50 charge for the card to cancel. Have I got that right?

Not 100% sure on that, but it does sound like something Curve would do so comes as no surprise to me. The best thing to do would be to ask them directly, out of interest, why are you cancelling?

I am getting too many declines and its unreliable :confused:

I used to really champion Curve and it was the only card I carried for a while, with decent reliability. Eventually the declines started happening and it was simply too unreliable, I only use it once a month now for a monthly cash withdrawal that allows me to bypass my banks daily withdrawal limit.

It definitely can be useful, but, like you, I’ve also found it to be quite unreliable.

Curve didn’t charge me the fee although I canceled a month in (I paid one £14.99 fee and happily costed them more to produce the Metal card :slight_smile:)

If they do try and charge you, I would put in a complaint about the declines - would be worth a punt at least

Made a complaint - they say that the declines where not their fault and therefore the £50 stays. I’ve closed it, but they will never make a penny out of me again.

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Did they tell you if you could escalate the complaint?

Yup goto the ombusman

Well if you cancelled the card because it wasn’t working reliably, I’d suggest complaining to the ombudsman then!

I would explain to them that it is their fault as they’ve got the contract with you to provide the service

You aren’t concerned as to who is failing in their stack, they could change the stack to avoid problems