Curve raise $55m in funding

We will use the funds from our latest Series B to accelerate our product development and introduce new experiences. From Curve Send (P2P), to the ability to share any one of your cards with any other Curve customer, to the ability to split any transaction into instalments (even after you made the payment) – Curve will continue to lead in building unique experiences that brings real value to our customers. And how can we forget the integration with Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay which we have started and aim to complete by the end of Q4 this year.

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I have to say I don’t get this P2P focus at all. Unless we’re going to start regular Fintech Talk meet-ups the chances of me meeting another Curve user will be slim, the chances of me meeting another Curve user who I then want to pay or receive money from or split a bill with will be considerably less than slim. The joint cards and instalments thing will be of some use I guess, but it really does feel more and more like they’re just trying to ‘wow’ potential customers with so many features that they’ll sign up, rather than focusing on the core service and it’s issues that would actually make the majority of us current users who are occasional users at best become far more invested and heavier users.


I’ve never used any of these p2p payment options. But they are popular for those too lazy to spend an extra 10 seconds doing something, so they are increasing in popularity.

If Curve P2P supports direct card refunds rather than some meme bank account and withdrawal system I’ll jump on board

They’d need to categorize it as a different MCC though so I can pay with my credit card :frowning: