Customer Service and UX

Come across this article through LinkedIn, with some interesting Customer Service stats, and the user experience of using them.

As a bonus, there’s a sample of some hold music too. Enjoy.


Been following those built for Mars articles for a while now and they are brilliantly informative and carefully researched.

There are 5 other chapters so far, and I would encourage anyone to read them all.

The case studies in particular inside some of the chapters are very informative and well done.

There should hopefully be another chapter added this Friday!


Here’s another great case study from Built for Mars. This time looking at Freetrade.

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Very interesting article. Sometimes even the most subtle of differences can make something look odd (like the padding changing between 2 pages).

Overall, I find the Freetrade app pretty straightforward, but I agree there can be improvements. But can’t say I’ve ever scrutinised it the way they did in the article!


Agreed - I only found the articles recently but they are well written, well laid out, and insightful! Would recommend!!

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