Cynergy Bank

Hi all,
Does anyone have experience of Cynergy Bank? It looks similar to the Marcus offering with 1.5% easy access with no restrictions. I would hope the on-boarding process is as easy and would be interested to hear anybody’s views.

Only for the first 12 months. Then it goes down to 0.75%. Marcus Bank’s rate is higher.

Thanks for the reply.
I do use Marcus for our household savings so I’m only bothered about the 12 months for my personal savings. I’ll use it to hold money that I will feed into year long regular savers that give higher rates. I have some fixed savings but they are pretty woeful too for interest and I don’t want to tie all my money up.

Oh for the days of Kaupthing Edge and the 7-8% rate. Ok, it went bust …but hey, I did well out of it! :smile:

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