Danske Bank

Well things aren’t looking great for Danske Bank. I seriously considered opening a current account with their NI division last year, but there would have been significant hoops to jump through which ultimately put me off.


What makes the bank attractive, especially given their parent company’s reputation?

Absolutely nothing, except for the fact that at the time, I was looking for free cash to CASS an account to them. Unfortunately, because I don’t reside in NI, there were seemingly too many hurdles to jump, so I never bothered with them. Instead, I CASS’d a spare Nationwide account to RBS and bagged £175.

I am seriously surprised that there is no industry blacklist for serial abusers of this mechanism.

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I am seriously surprised that there is no legislation in place to stop banks from giving free money away.

Quite honestly, whilst banks continue to shove sweeteners in the form of money at potential customers just for opening an account, people like me will just continue to take that money, fulfil our obligations and stick to the T’s & C’s for 12 months and then move on again. Do I feel at all guilty about blagging free cash? Nope.


This is a shame to read.

I have an account with them, opened a while ago by phone because they offered a free monthly reward in cashback, but I still have the account and do actually use it.

They have a fairly nice app for a “traditional” Bank and the service I have received has always been great on the phone, which is good since I don’t live in Northern Ireland!


Just an update I saw from the original post I made back in April:


Latest situation concerning Danske Bank pre-tax profits:

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