Dealing with spam

Hmm, it was some google self-promotion, but the article was relevant and not trying to sell anyone anything. A bit harsh to remove, especially as a VPN may be being used for security reasons.

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I fail to see the problem here. The user appears to have signed up with the sole intention of spamming the community and sought to hide their identity as they did it.

I am routinely silencing/deleting around three to four accounts daily at the moment who sign up for this purpose. Most are caught by the system, some get through.

In this case: I identified spam, I removed spam. Because there was already some replies before I got to it, I didn’t delete the whole thread. I don’t really see how that would offend.

I’ve had many a complaint that I do not remove spam or that it’s not done quick enough before, but this is the first time someone has acknowledged the promotional nature of a spam post and then go on to suggest I’ve acted harshly against the spammer.

Community members of good standing are free to connect however they wish, but VPNs are currently the tool of choice for spammers. As such, new sign-ups via VPN will be treated with suspicion, and users offered the opportunity to connect via an alternative route.


Spam belongeth in a tin and should only be opened when absolutely necessary


There wasn’t any offence taken, and no complaint! Just that a VPN in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, they are promoted as often protecting you from ads and spyware, but I didn’t see the post itself as pure spam:

  • It was an article the thread creator had written
  • It wasn’t selling anything, promoting anything, or getting any referral credit
  • The article comparing PEP practices globally added some value
  • Posting the thread presumably gave the thread creator some Google backlinks to benefit them

I just thought it was a bit different from the ‘Oh wow I’ve found this great app’ and the ‘Click here to get £20 off your first clothing order’ that crops up from time to time, so thought to mention that I felt the removal was a bit harsh, especially as it may have led to a new poster contributing (however small a chance this may be). I in no way envy you in dealing with this crud day in, day out!


Or, in my case, when you realise you haven’t had it for about 20 years. Bought some a few weeks ago (during early lock-down going shopping psychosis phase).

I’d forgotten just how fabulous that taste is…

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Wish I’d seen the post now…:flushed:.

Ha, it wasn’t that amazing an article. I won’t post the URL so they don’t get the Google weighting, but you can always search for Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) Screening Requirements Around the World.

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A 20 year old tin of corned beef tastes better in my opinion :laughing:

You’ll get no argument from me :grin:.