Declined and reversed transactions stay on feed

Is this new innovative and groundbreaking feature something that was recently added in the last few months? All my declined and reversed transactions since 2017 are now clogging up my feed, prior to this these transactions would fall off after a while… it was fine for the 3 years then they decide to change it…

Why are these Fintech muppet developers obsessed with changing and tweaking things just for the sake of it? changing the UI every now and again to keep things spicy but not actually add any value :woman_facepalming:


Not noticed this myself but then again I don’t have many declined transactions.

I’d argue this is more than just “changing the UI” though, sounds like they’re making it possible to access information that was only available for a limited time previously, which sounds like adding value to me.

Can appreciate it might be annoying to those who have a lot of declined transactions and I would like to see a filter feature added to the feed to show/hide spaces payments, etc. So maybe this could also have the ability to hide declined transactions.


Always a good idea if it can implemented seamlessly.

Yes, the contrary view (which I hold as someone who rarely has a declined or reversed transaction) is that more detail on my feed is always welcome and I would find keeping full records of everything useful. Especially if you want to manually reconcile your transactions later with other records, it’s good to be able to confirm that transactions have been reversed.


I actually have very very few, but it looks so foreign to the rest of the transactions that it triggers me something special

Ended up swapping to Barclays for a mix of the £3 a month in free money and the lack of transaction viability being very unimportant to me for a dinosaur like Barclays :slight_smile: as a result I’ve genuinely been less annoyed when checking my finances

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Good for you if that’s working out well, but I would assume that you are probably a bit unusual in being bothered either way.

Especially enough to switch banks about it!


I’ll admit the major deciding factor was Starling killing all meaningful in-credit interest meaning I couldn’t justify keeping everything in Starling

But yeah, it really bothers me when I see poor UI/UX as this is actually something I’ve had to study for a while now and I’d consider myself fairly okay with judging decisions with a level of objectivity and, it just looks ugly when you have this red mark on your screen for declines