Depoway Savings Marketplace £1000 bonus

If anyone is interested… a Raisin type savings marketplace service currently with a very generous sign up bonus (£1000) though you can’t withdraw it for a year.

From the wording, it sounds like they’ve taken a page out of Zeux’s playbook and all you’ll get is the interest on the bonus amount, or £12 in a year’s time.

Not so generous…


I hope they get in shit for that rewording of “£12 after one year”.

What happened to Zeux in the end, did they just get a slap on the wrist and told to stop doing it by the FCA?

Super dodgy selling that one is. Avoid at all costs imo when they use tactics like that.

Here’s my invite link, might as well get on the train:

They voluntarily agreed to stop advertising

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