Discourse - Logging out!

Is anyone else being logged out of Discourse repeatedly today?

Nope, all ok here.
Firefox on Android

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Mine is also fine

I had this problem. All working ok again now.
I was confused as it was updating my unread and new post count but when I went to a forum it asked me to log in.

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I’ve found myself logged out of meta.discourse.org every day I’ve tried to use it. This forum (accessed through the Discourse Hub mobile app) has been okay so far.

Apparently there are some quirks with cookies:

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So, I’m back with this same problem…

Last 2 days I’ve been logged out on Safari on the Mac (across all discourse sites) every 20 mins or so…

It keeps me logged in on iOS which is weird (both the discourse app, and mobile Safari).

Has anyone else seen the same behaviour?

It’s incredibly annoying!

I’m not having the issue by I use Firefox on the Mac

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It’s so annoying :joy:

I’ve done all the usual “clearing” of web data - But it still persists!