Do you have antivirus on your Smartphone?

Someone says that antivirus app are usefull

because they don’t do nothing but slow down your smartphone

is it true?

Do you have one antivirus app installed on your smartphon?

If so, which one?

No as you don’t need it.

On android they scan the apps on your phone every day.

You might need it on an iphone though :grin:

Nope, I do have a VPN app though.

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Sideloading apps can increase your risk, but you’re correct that anti virus is fairly pointless on Android.

Yes I would only recommend getting apps via the app store.

To be fair those are scanned as well.

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I’m curious what you guys/gals use PC anti virus wise? “We” (no let’s be honest, I installed Avast on our work PC’s) and I don’t need antivirus on my Chromebook.

Windows 10 has anti virus built in so nothing.

I haven’t had a virus on a windows computer for probably more than 10 years. I don’t worry about it.


Really good tech writeup for those interested:


I actually have kaspersky on my phone, for a number of reasons, the anti virus isn’t one. It has a very good track and wipe feature, comes with a built in vpn for when I’m traveling and can’t use my work one. Automatically stops apps spying on you, and a few other features like a call and spam one.

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I’ll investigate what I assess to be the root causes of the vulnerabilities and discuss some insights we can gain into Apple’s software development lifecycle. The root causes I highlight here are not novel and are often overlooked: we’ll see cases of code which seems to have never worked, code that likely skipped QA or likely had little testing or review before being shipped to users.

I presume they’re just stating the facts here but that doesn’t look good for Apple :thinking:

I’m pretty sure Google Play Protect scans sideloaded apps too, so at least on that level it isn’t needed, but I wouldn’t sideload an app unless I really trusted the source.

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I use Bitdefender on my Android (comes free with my desktop version), as I don’t like to rely solely on Play Protect to spot malware.

For example…

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I too use Bitdefender on all of my devices. I got it at half price, covers about 10 devices. Works well. Prevents access to reported/known malware websites. I like the product, seems to work perfectly well for me.