Does this survey reflect true to how good they are?

No, not sure where these rumours come from!

I was going to mention that you can add the card to Apple Pay and it does show the branding too. A while ago the card was not contactless after RBS had already started issuing contactless as standard, but it didn’t really matter as it could always be added to Apple Pay. It’s contactless now.

My latest renewal card has also “gone flat” like RBS and NatWest standard cards so it’s not embossed any more.

Personally, I preferred the embossed look.


Yeah, misleading is the wrong term, but I often see this survey represented as customer satisfaction elsewhere. I guess it’s not that different and as someone said those at the bottom have a problem either way.

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I’m an existing RBS customer of almost 30 years.

CASSed an account from HSBC last week. The branch selector worked fine for me.

I’ve found there’s a whole lot of speculation and disinformation in MSE. Much like the Munzo forum, it’s a talking shop of people saying what they think they know, rather than what they actually know.

Here’s my debit card. Not the greatest photo but it gives you an idea.


And it’s contactless and can be used in Apple Wallet for ApplePay transactions.


Interesting, I thought it would still be possible to open one!

Thanks for posting the pictures and sharing your experience, my card looks the same, complete with the accessible notch.

Is this a special type of account or the regular Select? :crazy_face:

It is any type of account that you want from the usual RBS lineup.

You can choose a Select, or Reward, or whatever and, by virtue of the sort code, it is technically a Child & Co account and you will get the special chequebook and debit card.

Paper statements come on special branded paper too, online ones are just branded as RBS.

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Ah so only if you’re lucky you’ll get the Child & Co, even if you choose the specified sort code?

No sorry, my post was poorly phrased.

All I meant was that any account held at that sort code is treated as technically a Child & Co account. That means you automatically get all of these features.

There are no more criteria for opening an account than there are for “normal” RBS accounts - the sort code is all that makes the difference, so you just have to open your account at that sort code.

There is still another sort code labelled “Childs Private” which is for private banking accounts held at Child & Co. They would obviously have special additional criteria.

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Interesting stuff. If I’m reading right, though, it seems that the option to choose the bank by sort code has now been removed… :thinking:

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No, it’s still available. I just applied for an account and was able to choose the sort code.

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Thanks @marius.fanu, what was your starting point url-wise?

Edit: ignore me, I found it :grin:

Thanks again…

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It worked, the new account appeared in the app and I was able to add the card to Apple Pay, even though I still have to wait for the physical card to arrive.

Thanks @Seb & @Johnny for the tips :rocket:

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You are every welcome. Incidentally, I have just opened another RBS account myself (their new regular saver) and, applying through the app, I automatically got assigned the “magic sort code” again, so if you open your first RBS account at Child & Co it seems that it defaults to that being “your branch” in the future.


Does this actually matter at all from a functional point of view?

No, it’s still an RBS account :sweat_smile:

Precisely, someone over on the MSE forums once described it as the fur coat and no knickers account.

Although, if you have no RBS accounts and want to open one, it is worth using the Child & Co sort code just for fun. I think it’s worth having a Reward account to get a little bit of money back for paying out 2 direct debits too.

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Don’t Barclays and Halifax both pay more though? One of which not even requiring me to actually use direct debits…

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Sure, but if one were to want to bag an RBS switching incentive, they could also keep the account and set these up. Having a nice card and cheque book, just for fun, would be a nice additional gimmick.

Equally, hypothetically, said individual could also have those other accounts in addition to the RBS.