Donations to a Bank?

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Whaaat ??? :flushed:

I read that earlier… I have no words :zipper_mouth_face:

Zombie :zombie:‍♂

Are the Monzo disciples really that deluded???

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I think its a wonderful idea, can pay for the xmas party and as its donations its not working finance.

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Damn…I missed the point - now I see it.

Where do I sign…? :joy:


To be fair if you read the thread no one is agreeing with the idea. So they could be one in a million.

Or even one in 3,793,123 million that think thats a good idea.

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Early days…:flushed:

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That person’s profile states they are a “Full Stack Developer”. Does that mean they are a Monzo employee? Are they putting out feelers before Monzo adopts this stupid idea officially?

If they aren’t a Monzo employee then they need psychiatric help.

to get out more…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Not a novel idea. Apparently a lot of people like the concept of donating whatever you want monthly

Donating via a bank to good causes is very different to donating to the bank.


They literally allow you to choose your own monthly fee (for no extra benefit) and supposedly have people donating them 10 to 15 dollars a month. Sure, they also have mechanisms to donate to various things through them though that’s not what I’m talking about

Honestly, I don’t understand your last post… You’re conflating donating to some cause through a bank and donating to the bank itself. I’m talking about the latter while you pretend I’m talking about the former

Aspiration lets you do both (as I’ve previously tried to explain), so I suppose that’s where your confusion is coming from


The Aspiration model looks to be a bit of both. Anyway, it looks a bit fluffy to me, but it’ll surely attract an audience.

Question is, whether the bank itself is worth hitching up to. The 1% savings rate has some complicated rules attached ( not that complicated, but it is late Saturday night :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

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To be fair, I think the poster was actually suggesting a “pay as you feel” model and has just got confused with the whole donations thing.

I think the context is different too. Current/checking accounts aren’t free in the US normally so there’s an expectation of a fee, paying to use an ATM at some point etc.

When banking is free as standard I don’t see it gaining traction. Though I think some “ethical” accounts charge a fee, that is their business model, not a donation.


The example I provided, Aspiration, does not charge a fee but you’re free to set one for whatever amount you want for no extra benefit. How is that not a donation and any different from what the OP mentions?

I’ve seen Americans in forums discussing Aspiration and being surprised at each other when someone mentions they chose to pay a fee, so no, I don’t see it as being a market thing