Dozens Category

I know it’s only in its infancy but would it be worth having a Dozens category?


Swap it for the Atom one

Don’t have anything against the idea.

There’s currently just one Dozens thread though, so maybe it’s not yet the time for that.

I take your point but as Danny mentioned, maybe at least as popular as Atom. There aren’t any comments in that thread! Anyway it was just a thought! :smile:

That reminds me, I should log into Atom and see what’s happening lol

I think Dozens definitely is going to be a more active discussion in the future, definitely with its outlook on banking, and they are actively talking about applying for a banking licence now.

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Now there’s 2 :joy:

Is anything happening with Atom?

I definitely would also like a Dozens category at some point. There’s lots of things can be discussed and any news when it’s announced wouldn’t fit really into a feedback thread.