Dozens - Feedback Thread


I don’t use the forum, so as a new customer, waiting well over a week, no reply to an email, its horrendous customer service.

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Have you still not had one? I shot Rob a DM who said to email them which I did and they got back to me pretty much instantly and a code arrived shortly after, so maybe try that if you’re not having any luck. Given I went on the waitlist AGES ago I was patient for so long then like a D-list celeb at Mahikis I thought ‘I’ve had enough, I’m going to throw my weight around and see what happens’ :see_no_evil:

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:joy_cat: I’ve not had anything yet, still sitting at 3364… I got monies I wanna put in this 5% bond thing.

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Hi @daedal

Really sorry about that. We really do try to keep on top of all issues. There were a few hundred people affected by the issues on Monday and Tuesday so we got a lot of emails. I thought we’d got back to everyone, but maybe not. I don’t know your name or email so can’t check (feel free to DM me).

We’re DEFINITELY working on the fix but we had to get the bond sorted for last month and ready for this month too, so please bear with us.

If you got a ticket number from our Helpdesk when you reported it, feel free to ping it to me and I’ll look into it


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You’re like Beetlejuice! Say your name and you appear! :joy:


Hi @rob_dozens

I signed up with an invite code about 3 weeks ago, and still haven’t received my card. I contacted in-app customer service last week - they said they’d follow up, but I haven’t heard anything since. Any chance you could help me out?

My app has been saying “Your debit card should arrive in the next 2-3 working days” for three weeks

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Lend us £10,000 :wink:


Sorry, I put it in last month :wink:


@rob_dozens would you be able to shed some light into how many people are verified? I’ve been sat at my place for a week or so now :thinking: very little movement and I have some money I want to throw into bonds :sweat_smile:


Taken from the article published yesterday…

“more than 2,100 Dozens cards have been issued, and 100 cards a day are being sent out to the 3,500 people waiting list.”

If I’m honest, this number seems 4 or 5 times too big…

Given only 62 people bid on the recent issuance of bonds, and the waitlist figure, I’d have thought the number of verified users was closer to 500.

But, just like Jon Snow… “I know nothing”.

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We only know that there were 62 successful bids, with an issuance of £100K and one person snapping up £20K. That makes 62 successful bids quite plausible - I would be quite surprised if there weren’t more than 62 aspiring bids.


Well, any unsuccessful bid would have been for £20,000 or more - I can’t see that many people dropping that kind of cash on the first round?

Perhaps I’m wrong, but I’d have thought 80 bids would be the absolute max (which would mean 19 people bidding at least £20,000, 1 of which was successful).

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I was quite surprised about the successful £20K bid - so who knows :thinking:


True - I was concerned my bid might be too high, and it was a fraction of the 20K!

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I didn’t like that. AT ALL. But it’s all very new so I’m just giving them the benefit of the doubt and moving on.


Are you suggestion a bit of FIFA’esque ballot fixing…?

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Had I not had such a positive opinion of them, perhaps, although had they not been so upfront as to say this:

We know an ex-dozens employee managed to nab the highest successful bid

… I’d be a little less cynical. It also seems a bit odd doing one before the waitlist has been cleared to me, I can understand doing one just for the waitlist peeps before you let in the public, but when you’ve got people like @Danny who ARE on the waitlist but aren’t yet in because of Dozens rather than his fault, so didn’t get to bid in the first round, seems a bit unfair.

But as I say, I’m actually really excited for the potential so don’t think I’m slagging them off, they’re so new and clearly still finding their feet so I certainly can look past these things at this point.


To be fair to Dozens, @Danny joined the waitlist a long time after most (he’s just the loudest :wink: )

Reading between the lines, I think they wanted to get a trial run of the bidding process for the very (very) early adopters, and just to test their systems, before doing the “big one” in March.

There was never any indication this would happen, even to those of us who have been on the forum for a long time - One minute it appeared, and then we are told we’ve got a few days to get the bids in and it’s all good to go.

One of those situations that no one would bat an eyelid at, were it not for a community forum…

I do feel kinda bad for all of these companies who have to battle the forums - They are effectively “live testing” every element of their app/service/product with immediate (and intense) feedback.

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Yah I only joined the other day and I don’t like waiting :joy_cat:

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LOL. :roll_eyes::see_no_evil::joy: