Dozens - Feedback Thread

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I can’t imagine what the early days must have been like. :see_no_evil: probably made Curve look busy and content filled…


Haha - How is the curve forum? I haven’t frequented that since the great Amex cock up of 2018…

I was actually really surprised to see a lot of new faces on the Dozens forum - I half expected it to be 99% Monzo/Other fintech names.

It’s now probably 50/50!

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I spend so little time there I can’t really say, but seems the forum equivalent of a piece of dry cold toast whenever I visit.

This is DESPERATELY what UK fintech forums need, so it sounds like a very good start!

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The Dozens forum hurts my eyes :crying_cat_face:

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I’ve dropped about 30 places in the last hour (or climbed depending on your perspective). Either way I’m getting closer to 0


Still yet to get >3000 for me :joy:

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4268 when I signed up at 3PM and now down to 4228.

i can see it counting down each time I open the app


I’m at 3427 :expressionless: and I feel like it’s moving real slowly. Possibly because I’m not seeing it drop big-number wise!

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3308 for me


Probably 1000000 for me, but as I can’t access the app due to verification failure who knows lol


Well it’s no more than 4500 as that is the total on the list. I’ve finally dropped into the 2000’s lol


3094 for me at the moment!


3384 for me :frowning:

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4185 for me


I must be number 1 as I can’t see a number still lol

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#AskAC Episode 3 is out.
Some very interesting stuff about their take on things like loans and overdrafts.
What I’m taking away from the episode is that launching a credit product designed to get people out of their overdrafts is a possibility (so they are sticking to their Spender >> Saver >> Investor journey), but offering loans isn’t something they are looking at.

The video also touches on crowdfunding and some of the confusions about their bonds.

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Did anyone catch the Dozens google hangout? My other half was doing an insta live launching her new makeup collab (don’t ask🙈) at the same time so I had to hear about contouring your face instead of crowdfunding a finance app…


I feel bad for you, good luck!

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Depends. I’m hoping this will lead to me becoming a kept man when she’s the next global makeup mogul, so it will be worth the short term suffering… :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: