Dozens - Feedback Thread

(Derpa Derp) #224


So I contacted Dozens again because well, its still showing as they can’t validate me, only to be told.

** Thank you for contacting the dozens Customer Service team

There is no need to do anything at the moment. The team will review your submission and will get in touch with you should they require further information or clarification, but this may not be required.

Once the application process is completed you will get a notification.

I should let you know that even after registration you will not be able to get directly into the app itself until you get an invitation code. We have a queue in place to manage the number of new customers joining each day. Codes are going out every day and you will receive yours as soon as we can, but you should be aware that the current average wait is a couple of weeks.

If you have any further questions, please let me know, or you can join our new community at and talk to us and other customers


Not sure how that was helpful. I’m well aware I need to wait, but its been over a week now, and the problem was apparently fixed.


Well I was wrong about being number 1

(sam) #227

Nice of them to put you at the back of the queue

(Derpa Derp) #229


I don’t think the queue actually matters. I think there was still more than 3000 ahead of me when I got an invite code.


Yep, I was around the 2,500 mark when I got my invite a couple of weeks back.


Queue or not, I’m losing my patience waiting this long.

I opened my Starling within minutes, my Monzo within minutes, my Revolut within minutes.

Only one with a similar wait time to this was my N26, but that was only a couple of days.


I transferred money to my dozens account but noticed it hasn’t gone in yet. Then I remembered they aren’t a bank so I presume that means they aren’t signed up to faster payments?

Edit: Apparently they do support faster payments but this is slow if they do :thinking:


AFAIK more than just banks can sign up to Faster Payments. Transferwise has connected to it.

(Marcel Ruhf) #235

Monzo also had a waitlist when they when I signed up - so looks you’ve moved early on this one. Starling also had one in its very early days.


I guess so


The company has been accepting people for literally a few weeks.

It’s about as early as you get with a new company.

People need to exercise some patience :joy:

Monzo and FreeTrade had much bigger waitlists!


So I spoke to dozens about this transfer who told me to speak to starling. I spoke to starling and they said its pending but its meant to be a faster payment :thinking:

One plus point for dozens at the end of a live chat it gives the option to email a transcript, starling doesn’t.

(Marcel Ruhf) #239

In my experience, incoming and outgoing transfers from/to dozens are instant during weekdays.


It’s a bit strange but obviously, I have to give an allowance for them being new.

(Marcel Ruhf) #241

Not sure, I think it has something to do with their payments service provider (Modulr).

(George Flather) #242

This is true. Not only banks can apply but other companies can apply to the scheme, e.g. payment processing companies. Source I have supported a company (non-bank) apply to the scheme


Has anybody else received the email saying that crowdfunding is starting tomorrow at 11am?



Not sure if I am investing now, but I shall probably still do so, I think its a good proposition.