Dozens - Feedback Thread


I’m tempted to put a few hundred in but I kind of need to be saving :expressionless: I need to get some books for university and some more U2F keys :unamused: they’re like £50 a piece :frowning:


I won’t be investing now.

Using dozens has made me realise how important the tech side of things is. My money still hasn’t appeared in my dozens account. I keep getting error messages in the app as well and yes I know its early days!

I think I have too many concerns at the moment.


This maybe explains my transfer not going through but when I spoke on live chat today they never mentioned it.

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I’d invest but I use Crowdcube and I cba to sign up to seedrs.

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It’s a quick process.
Besides, one of the advantages of Seedrs over Crowdcube is that they actually have their own internal secondary market where shares can be sold on to other people if you want to sell yours.


18 minutes after opening on Seedrs already 74% invested. They won’t struggle, but I don’t think anyone thought they would.

I invested less than I was going to, but still invested.

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Two individual donations of £1.5m and £1m definitely helped!


So I’ve found out I’m not the only one who has had money sent to dozens go missing which is very concerning. I’ve made a complaint. If you can’t get that right you shouldn’t be operating.

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cc: @rob_dozens

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I’ve spoke to Rob so all resolved!

I don’t know if I can just accept this kind of thing though because they are new and they aren’t a bank. I’ve never had a payment just go missing so this is strange to me. I just think what if someone really needed that money :thinking:


I made a cash withdrawal as I don’t have a new starling card yet which was fine but I also transferred the rest back to my starling account and that hasn’t appeared.

There’s definitely something not right here. I just have no confidence in their systems now. I won’t do transfers with them and others have said the same.


Missing money is definitely the biggest alarm bell going.

But, I’m still treating Dozens (especially the inner workings of everything), as a very early beta app/service.

Things will and do go wrong - I had money that disappeared before as well.

Thankfully Rob and the team sorted it out pretty quickly at the time.

It’s not ideal, but bugs and issues will definitely be present in the early versions of the service.


If money is routed correctly and goes missing, there is obviously a big problem somewhere.

If they know what the problem is, and are fixing it, then it shouldn’t be a major problem.

I’ve not really looked into Dozens in too much detail, but as they are not a bank, they will be using third parties to process, someone mentioned Modulr, they also use the wirecard backend, so getting them all to speak properly, isn’t a simple task, but needs to be sorted as a priority.

They have already not had the best press because of bonds, imagine the press due to missing money.


It does seem like they’ve gone from 0 to 100 very quickly.

Appreciate people are complaining about the wait list, but they’ve already onboard 3,500 people in a very short space of time.

You’d hope that most of those people would understand that Dozens are in the very early stages - I mean, we are all “trailblazers” according to their forum - Which I interpreted as very early testers of the service.

But… This is where it can bite you in the bum if things don’t work properly, and perhaps where people like JAJA end up coming out better, by ironing all the bugs before it’s really released to the public.

I’d be happy for Dozens to slow down their roll out plans if it meant they could seriously nail their back end and any major issues that might come up.

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I’m a trailblazer and I don’t even have an account :joy:


You can’t really compare Jaja and Dozens though, one is an issuer one is not. Dozens is building on backend systems that deal with millions of transactions daily. Jaja is building on nothing.

So different approaches make complete sense.

Dozens should slow down its plans and get the basics right though.

The problem is, Dozens needs to get in before some of the other names launch competing products, there are at least 4 or 5 big names that will get banking licences issued this year.


I’m not talking specifics here, more the overall approach.

People are getting irate with JAJA for their queuing system (and seeming lack of movement with it). But in general, the response has been positive from those who have used it.

If they’d onboard thousands pretty quickly, there would undoubtedly be more issues that would surface - Which is what we are seeing with Dozens to a degree.

Be the first, but do it amazingly… It’s a hard remit to follow.

Hopefully they’ll get it all sorted before too many people are on board - Their responses to my issues have always been first class.


The payment has went into my starling account :+1:


Not posted on here but do on Monzo & did on starling.
FPS payments can take until the next working day to clear? I know we are all used to the seconds or minutes but the next day is still the cut off.
Is this not what happened with your return payment?