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Thanks. No idea why I couldn’t find it. Even on seedrs :man_facepalming:


I hate to say it but from a business perspective it’s a lot easier to get people to spend and get into debt than it is to get them to save.

I know dozens wants to get people to become savers but unless you just take it from peoples accounts like the plum service it’s very hard to get people to save, especially younger people.

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There are ways to get people to save (obviously they have to want themselves first, from that point they can be “nudged” to help them get there), like the nominations (for a chance to win £100) you get for doing certain things (i.e. depositing into your savings account).

It probably is a hard problem, but we wouldn’t be where we are now technology-wise if entrepreneurs didn’t tackle a problem just because “well, it’s hard…”. If anything, good entrepreneurs will be spurred on by the fact it’s a hard problem to solve.


It will be interesting to see how the first public offering for crowdfunding goes and how the share price fares.


Can’t get much more honest than this answer.

Aritra Chakravarty

, Founder & CEO at dozens, 3 hours ago

Am afraid I really don’t have much of a crystal ball on this. We know the benchmarks indicate good returns possibilities but am always wary of valuing through competition as it fuels bubbles. So, on more fundamental terms, we know its a really deep market - a huge pie from which only nibbles have been had so far. With a banking license and inroads into market share of high street banks, our valuation should be healthy in the future - and you also have other possible exits like the Seedrs secondary market etc.

BUT and this is a big BUT, there is no doubt that this is a risky, illiquid investment for the most part. It’s a high-growth early stage fintech with relatively high burn rate in what can be perceived to be a crowded marketplace. So anyone should only invest what they can afford to lose, and do so with high conviction and a stay-the-course mindset for best chances at returns - would be my personal take on it… I really hope we are here for the long run so there will be plenty of opportunities to invest at lower risk levels in the future


This is why I only did a small investment, as I’m extremely cautious with start-ups and I only did what I could afford to lose. I never understood it when I saw some putting hundreds into the Monzo crowdfunding.


Hmu with that shareholder card, dozens :heart_eyes::ok_hand:t2:


It’s all relative. A couple hundred is nothing to some


I still did what I could afford, as that shareholder card looks stunning especially! I really do think Dozens will be one to watch in the next few years.

Especially when they get their banking license, I think they’ll become a serious contender.

They have such a unique USP with the bond, and also investments within the app. The extensive budgeting features will also be so useful for a lot of people.

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What card?


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Seedrs can suck one, won’t verify my email so I changed it and now it blocked me and I have to wait an hour.

Using my own domain so no issues my side.


Does anyone see any worth in investing in places like Dozens and Monzo btw, surely it’d be a lot better to have the money in trackers and already established companies? There’s no guarantee Monzo or Dozens becomes profitable or gets sold, they could literally collapse and it wouldn’t be too surprising.


Any investment is a risk, the more risk you take the higher chance of a bigger return, that’s the nature of investing.

I never saw the point of Investing in Monzo, it was all fluff and didn’t offer anything different to other banks. Dozens however has come along and is offering the chance to be involved in a different kind of banking, I like that idea.

I invest in things I like the feel off, no science behind it. I currently have investments in food delivery, restaurants a brewery and a few finance type companies. I like going along with the journey, having a little part of that, is just a simple thing, but I see it as a gamble. It’s a better gamble than using gambling machines, I first get the impression I like the idea of the company, then I work out what amount I’m willing to risk. It’s a game that can give me a nice return, and I’m not missing the money I’m investing, its cheaper than me going to the pub every weekend.


Well I’ve put a few hundred in a few fintechs and a recycling company. It’s money I can afford to lose. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather not lose it but that’s the risk I take with this kind of investment.
The one I wish I was invested in is Starling which I think has the most chance of success due to their back end systems and plans but of course they don’t need or offer crowdfunding. Amazon make as much, if not more, money from their cloud services than from retail now and I think that diverse model is the best.
I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but if you want the greatest security put your money in a regular savings account with the best interest.

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Had my invite code come in yesterday. Now awaiting my card.


Don’t hold your breath - I had my invite code and signed up over 4 weeks ago, still no card.

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Oh strange - I had mine 2 working days later.


Yeah, I contacted them a couple of weeks ago. They promised to look into it and get back to me ASAP. Nothing since. Then I asked Rob on here a couple of days later - he sent a nice reply, but nothing happened and 11 days later I’m still cardless :confused:

Edit: @rob_dozens contacted me again today, apparently my card is on the way :tada: