Dozens - Feedback Thread

(Derpa Derp) #305

Did anyone get a confirmation E-Mail from Seedrs saying they had invested?


Yep got one immediately after payment, confirming payment.

You can see if its gone through by checking your investment account

(Marcel Ruhf) #307

I received a payment confirmation.


Oh, has it reached funding goal? Bollocks, I meant to put some money in!

(Derpa Derp) #309

Cheers dude

(Derpa Derp) #310

I changed E-Mails and for some reason they won’t approve it :rage:


nope… 94%

(Simon) #312

I don’t really know if this would make a difference but could people be waiting for new tax year to invest?


The investment won’t technically close until the next financial year, so it wouldn’t have any relevance.

So although you have invested, the investment doesn’t happen until the funding round closes, and it is possible the funding won’t happen if something stops it going ahead.

(Simon) #314

Ah ok. Thanks


I received my card today. I only got access to the app on Friday night, so that’s a very quick delivery time for the card. Really impressed with that.

The card looks so nice and feels very premium in person as well. The presentation box for the card is such a nice touch too. i I also found the book explaining all about the app brilliant and it’s lovely that they’ve thought of including that for customers.

This is the most excited I’ve felt about a fintech, and I can see them becoming a really serious contender as they have a unique USP that the others don’t.


I’m pleased for you and share your views on the USP but really dozens efforts to get their show on the road has had serious faults and I imagine these are explained by the fact they use external providers for various things including onboarding. Their app was designed to be OS friendly from the begining yet the process didn’t work correctly with current iOS hardware and latest iOS v.12.1.4. This fact has been passed over very quickly. Once it is behind us, it will never happen again, so it would be wrong to make too much of it. On a slightly different note the This is Money piece by the Daily Mail is damagingly inaccurate and should have been hammered.
The regular dozens card is disappointingly old style. I ponder if the Investor version will be much different. I can’t say because I haven’t receieved mine yet. I would like to see this venture really take off because it isn’t chasing ‘coolness’ as some Finntech, but it will be some time before anyone can say more about that.

(Dotun) #317

Wow, out of nowhere I got an invitation code. Out of nowhere. I’m in the app!


I never wanted to get Dozens, but was always going to invest, that changed to I invested less than I originally was going, but decided to join Dozens.

I like where Dozens is wanting to go, whether it gets there time will tell, but it is probably the most interesting new bank out of the whole new breed of banks that have arrived and that are due to arrive. I use the term bank, I know its not a bank, but it is going to apply for a banking licence, so its really at the Monzo stage, prepaid to start before getting a banking licence. That is probably a logical step as its wanting to be different.

It’s obviously got some teething problems, and many shouldn’t have got to production, they will either learn or fail. I think they will learn, the team behind Dozens are very proactive and honest about things, which is refreshing. They need to keep that honesty, and not lose it when they grow.

(Derpa Derp) #319

Where is my code :rage:

( #320

But we’re still dealing with the first test users? Monzo and Starling make much bigger cock-ups at times on apps with hundreds of thousands of users and it’s clearly not the deaths of those brands, or apps. Monzo was an absolute shower of sheet until long after this stage, i remember it well, and i’m pretty sure the functionality of Starling initially was almost on a par with N26’s UK launch from what i can remember :see_no_evil:

I’m not so sure about that. It’s inaccurate yes. Damagingly so? I don’t think i’d say that. Aside from anything there is a significant proportion of the population that sees anything connected to DMGT and will instantly declare it lies, even if it’s saying the sky is blue or the grass is green, so i wouldnt hold too much on that. The Mail are still banned from any connection to the brand 11 years on from when i told them to go whistle, and they still do regular hatchet jobs which have no effect. Although, to be fair they did have a few years where they decided that trying to be extra nice would get them un-banned, until i told Liz Jones to go… fan herself when she tried to get in to a catwalk show uninvited, then the hatchet jobs started up again… but i digress…

They’re very new and finding their feet so of course things wont work and they will make many mistakes. But look at Monzo. They’ve barely done a thing right aside from the marketing, and even that will be their downfall in the future, but they got to a billion valuation despite the organisation being less competent than Jacob Rees Mogg at a rap battle, customers who rarely use their accounts, and losing millions each year. Dozens haven’t even hatched yet so who knows how it will go.


I only signed up last night after investing on Sunday. Now looking for code to get access to The special investors cut of the bonds :rofl:


But even Monzo and certainly Starling had faultles onbording experiences.

( #323

Mine certainly wasnt faultless with Monzo?


I’ve just got my code an hour ago. I was 1000 in front of you when you shared your screenshot on here.