Dozens - Feedback Thread


I had faultless starling Monzo and last night dozens onboarding. Counting my lucky stars

(Derpa Derp) #326

I’m 2936 now so hoping in the next day or two.


I feel bad for you my dude, I got my code at 3000 and something! (today!)

(Derpa Derp) #328

I have a feeling something is going to happen very soon like now :sunglasses: :shushing_face:

(Dotun) #329

Looks like I can’t do much until I get my card. Not even depositing cash to the account.


I still have a Monzo a/c I’m rather ashamed that I do. My youngest who went to “a significant Public School” and is currently in her final year of a Language degree at Kings College London University . Has a number of friends, who sport a Monzo a/c. It would be almost funny to note if it weren’t also sickening, that what they have in common is 1. High income >£70k p/a and above. 2.Non State educational bacground. All these "children"have
lead a ‘charmed life’ with their (I now think miss-guided families spoiling them) and a very left of centre political stance. In the past they might have been considered special. I just think, if you suddenly came down to earth: could you survive?
The thing about digital banking is its the same about being a 21C citizen: there is no longer any virtue. We are now all prey to the consumer culture.


Me too, was at 3176 last night when I looked, got the invite code by email this afternoon.


Just get Starling ennit


I was quite surprised to see you don’t even get an account number either when you open the account.

(Dotun) #334

Do you get your account number once you activate your card? Otherwise how are we supposed to deposit money? I don’t see a top up option either!

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Yes, when you activate the card it all appears in the app.

Edit: interestingly, having just checked I’ve realised you also get all the card info in app aside from the long number itself which only shows the last 4 digits. While it’s great having the CVV and expiry its a shame that (unless theres a way to show it ive not found) you dont actually have everything you need without having the plastic in hand.

(Glen) #336

I received my invite today also and now have access to the App.

Under your profile -> Account it shows Current account Sort as 00-00-00, and A/C no as 0000 0000.

I assume once the card is activated, this will update with the sort sort/account details.

Anyone else have/had this?


I’m still waiting for my card but…

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Thanks, I should have gone through the thread. Thanks for pointing this out.

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Main card screen…


I hope they change that, its annoying as hell and pointless if you don’t carry your card with you all the time then.


One thing that seriously impresses me with Dozens is that they have no ATM fees abroad! Just a daily withdrawal limit and no transaction fees with card payments.


Idk about you but I remember most of my card numbers incl ccv and expiry off by heart


You do what? I consider myself lucky when I remember my wife’s birthday. But card numbers?


When you have as many cards as me, that’s nearly impossible lol but I remember my Barclays off by heart :stuck_out_tongue: