Dozens - Feedback Thread


I buy stuff online a lot, eventually I just remember the card number!

Might change soon though as my card numbers are stored in my password manager now

(Neil) #346

I know my Barclays sort code and account number by heart (although I have had them for years).

I also knew my Barclaycard long number off by heart until the sods changed it last year…


Dozens seems very against a marketplace, instead having everything in house. Starling is the complete opposite. I wonder who is right? :thinking:

I think my problem is I don’t like being tied in with a company. If you do everything with dozens it makes it harder to leave.


This is why I’m going with Freetrade/Starling/Revolut, probably. When I get my wages by bank transfer anyways.


Does that mean you get paid cash?


Sadly :frowning:



You sure ? Because the investor memo says differently, unless I got that wrong.

(Marcel Ruhf) #352

Yes that’s what I gathered too - they seem to want to do everything in-house where it makes sense in their view (like savings and investment products, and implement a “marketplace” model for anything else.


I’ve had to check, I’m normally certain on facts where my money is concerned.

Offers platform with tailored offers based on location / spend data and brand preferences

Access to additional term deposit savings products from other banks

Additional portfolios and asset classes including Treasuries and EM Bonds

Just three parts of the Investor memo that clearly specify working with others, to me that’s a marketplace as its not provided by Dozens.


I’d hate that as I love starling & Monzo for showing me what I’m spending.
I always feel with cash it’s too easy to spend lots.
The only job I’ve ever had as cash was working in a shop at 16. All other jobs have been through BACS.
I suppose over last 18 months I’ve tried to be cash free but it’s not easy - minimum spends apply to small shops.


I’m just going by their in app faq:


Some people like speaking with their minds made up, rather than do the actual reading.

(Marcel Ruhf) #357

I think the word “showcase” is key here - as I see it, if they partner with a third-party for anything, it’ll be done in a way such that dozens has full control over the relationship, the customer might, on first inspection, not even be aware that a third-party is involved (it would always have to be somewhere in the terms, or possibly the FAQs, but otherwise it’ll just be as if the relationship was between dozens and the customer only).

(Marcel Ruhf) #358

Can’t edit the post for some weird reason, so I’m posting it separately instead.

Contrast that to Monzo’s proposed, and Starling’s current, marketplace model, where there are a myriad of options a customer can choose from (i.e. a sort of app storee for financial products, as Megan put it once).


Isn’t this simply what monzo did with their savings offering which is only 1%. It’s a worse offering though I believe than if you went direct or just looked around.

I think starling has a point, focus on the current account and let the companies who specialise in these other areas do the rest.


I’m not going to apologise for questioning things. It’s likely people who only use dozens for everything will not get the best offerings.


I just deposit it into Metro or Starling and transfer it all to have my standing orders go out from Metro.

I don’t like cash and I avoid it like the plague, I want rid of it.

(Andrew Buckland) #362

anyone took advantage of the 5% bonds yet?


I initially bid on the first issuance but withdrew my bid after failing to get clarification on which tax rules apply to the bond or what the full T&Cs are prior to the bidding deadline. Dozens didn’t publish anything on this until the bidding process has finished.


I didn’t have a card, but will have for this second lot so will bid.

I don’t like the idea of bidding personally, but will give it a try.