Dozens - Feedback Thread

(Derpa Derp) #365

Holla at ya boyyyyyyy

Now I gotta work out how to get me some of that sweet sweet 5% goodness


Lmao I brute forced my dozens security code to get access to the app before my card came :joy::joy::joy:

(Marcel Ruhf) #367

The last two updates (on Android at least) added new categories as well as some merchant logos.


Important question!

Is the invest option dead at the minute?

(Marcel Ruhf) #369

Well, the category works (that’s what I used for the Seedrs investment in dozens), but the “Invest” section in the app isn’t ready yet from what I’ve gathered.


I still need to invest in dozens. How much is price per share?


£20 is the current value, will obviously change if they decide to over fund.


Per share?!

Nevermind, I see. They’ve went for less shares and more value per share



It does say it somewhere, but I’m watching TV so not searching

(Neil) #374

They really do let anyone in, don’t they? :wink:

(Derpa Derp) #375

I’m a baller, a mover, and a shaker so they need me tbh :sunglasses:

(Neil) #376


(Derpa Derp) #377

(Neil) #378


Who said I thought you were worth wasting that much energy on? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


(Sorry. Very aware I’ve dragged this thread off topic).

(DΛVΞ) #379

Well it looks like the application process fell over for me, and I’m now in a state of limbo, although I get a nice picture of a laptop with a :dizzy_face: face on it.

I emailed dozens who said they have a very high application rate at the minute, and to just sit tight.

Not sure if this points to an IT infrastructure issue at their end, or their system just decided it doesn’t like me? (quite possible)

(Marcel Ruhf) #380

There was a verification issue find time ago, and anyone affected by it would need to have it resolved by a member of staff manually.

(DΛVΞ) #381

I did enquire about just cancelling the application and starting it again, but they haven’t got back to me on that yet.

I’m assuming if it doesn’t get sorted soon, then nothing will happen until Monday at the earliest?



They are planning to launch the next round of bonds, so I have a feeling they are overly busy, extra people applying because of the first lot of bonds getting lots of positive reports plus the crowdfunding.

(DΛVΞ) #383

Fair enough.

I asked if they had any idea what could cause the verification issue. They said it could be a number of things, including image quality. Should maybe have cleaned the sausage sandwich grease from my phone camera lens before applying?! Gets me every time! :smirk:


I’m somewhat tempted to get a bond out with Dozens :thinking: but like, I don’t have a spare £200 a month anymore :joy: my perfect budget has failed me!