Dozens - Feedback Thread


I’m no expert on Stock Markets, all I know is NEX bonds are generally nearly always having a high return, because they are what used to be classed as growth market companies on the London Stock Exchange, but access to the NEX stock exchange is easier, so without the extra cost of a normal stock listing, there is a higher return.


Without prying too much, where do you get 5% from?

My fear for Dozens is you’ll only be able to get £100 worth of bonds each month in the very near future!


Imagine having to pay a £7.99/month subscription for Premium, in order to be able to get priority access to each round each month.


I don’t see them going down this route personally. They are too focussed on saving to get people to offset their savings with a monthly premium fee.

(Marcel Ruhf) #148

Well, we shall see, I put in a bid for £300 - they will let me know on the 28th whether or not I was successful.


That sounds gross. Is the bond locked away for a year then?

(Marcel Ruhf) #150

Yeah it’s locked away for a year (similar to how the likes of Atom Bank do it), I wouldn’t expect them to offer 5% interest otherwise.
From what their Managing Director said in their last #AskAC session (here), it sounds like this a loss leader to make people save with them - the main money-maker will be their investment products.


I’m pleased to tell you this isn’t true.

You can withdraw at any point, but you have to sell all of your bonds in that issuance.

You’ll get all of the interest up to the start of that month (it’s paid monthly), but you won’t get the interest for the month you withdraw if you are part way through the month.


Nice, I need more investment. I have wages and no outgoings aside from a monthly spend, so they’re all going into 5% accounts at the minute :sweat_smile: I’d like some more risk associated so I can actually make some dividend and have some intangible assets

(Marcel Ruhf) #153

Wow, that will be a first then (well, at least when it comes to UK bond offerings).


My £95,000 bid is looking unlikely to be successful at this stage… :joy:


I like retail bonds normally 6%+ You have to be very quick to get the one year ones. Some big names issue retail bonds, including in the past BT group, Npower, provident and so on.

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Still waiting for that sweet sweet invite code


I noticed something in the seedrs bit about having the app, but I forgot what it was. I don’t think I want the card just to invest though.


I found this pretty scummy when Monzo did it too :thinking: or any company that has done it, although Monzo is the only one I’m aware of. It stops foreign investment in British companies :sweat_smile: which I have a fundamental problem with

(Marcel Ruhf) #159

You can invest as an outsider, bur won’t benefit from things like an investor card unless you are a customer - that’s what I think @daedal was referring to.

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Do these dozens bonds. Looks like it’s their own bond and for each £1m that gets purchased they’ll lose £50000 but potentially gain 10k users.
I wonder how £5 per user compares with starling, monzo and n26 marketing costs.

(Tom) #161

I’m sure I remember Monzo saying they had £10 per customer for marketing (hence the free tenner bribes)

(sam) #162

Afaik monzo also didn’t include the cost of services that cost them money but would attract users. So dozens could be onto something here


As I was going to invest, I applied for an account days ago, couldn’t verify me and the app is just stuck on keep an eye out for notifications.

Really not a good start. And makes me wonder who they are using to verify details, because its not any of the big providers if they can’t verify my details, as I know exactly what they all contain about me,