Dozens - Feedback Thread

(Derpa Derp) #164

Mine went through no issues even when I was randomly talking on the video part :joy_cat:


Given the amount of people who have been stuck on the verification screen (or had verification issues), I’d say it was a little clunky/broken on their end.

There have been numerous reports of these issues and considering there aren’t many users yet, I’d say the percentage is likely to be quite high (plus we haven’t heard from those who had issues, but haven’t said anything).

The only saving grace is they are usually good at sorting out the problems once they know.


It’s been days, not sure I see that as good at sorting out issues personally.

Never a good start, but they are new, so there is bound to be teething problems, I would think the fact you can’t even sign up for an account, more than a teething problem though.

I would cancel the application but no option in the app now its stuck on a screen. I don’t need the account, but wanted to try is as I was going to invest, but I should have stuck to my original opinion and not signed up.


Have you got in contact with them?

If you speak to Robert on the forum, he’ll likely be able to help.

Sadly it’s quite a common complaint from what I’ve seen.


Come on Dozens :pensive:

(Derpa Derp) #169

I been waiting agessss


Do we have any tax experts here?


(Marcel Ruhf) #171

Looks like my bid was successful :+1:


Mine too.

I felt this was the only chance to “go big”, as I imagine the next one will have a load of people bidding £100’s.

Feeling quite happy about it now! :grin:

Edit - I wonder what the highest bid was?

Anyone like to guess?

(Derpa Derp) #173

I was gonna put £1000 in had I had an account

(Glen) #174

Hi All,

I’ve been reading these forums for a while now. Certainly some interesting reading.

I’ve just “signed up” for a Dozens account. The App is telling me there’s 3,987 people ahead of me. “Got an invitation code” – I presume this is from an existing active member?

Big fan of FinTech. However my fave bank is Starling without a shadow of a doubt. I have the socks and choccie bar to prove it! ha

Monzo still can’t do the basics like saving payee’s …! But some of Monzo’s features are good.

Thanks all.

Glen :wink:


Hey Glen,

The invitation codes are sent out by Dozens themselves.

Its been a slow roll out so far, but I think the invitations are ramping up now, so you shouldn’t have too long to wait.

Let me know if you’ve got any questions! :grin:

(Glen) #176

Hi Nick

Thanks for the info. I’ll sit and wait… pretty much like JaJa! :wink:



Now that I have the app and the card I don’t think i’m that impressed with dozens :scream:

I think the tech side is just as important but they’re focusing on the finance side of things. Any savings don’t get interest unless you use bonds but you can probably save at most £100 a month. Investments aren’t available yet. Their budgeting seems a bit basic.

I can already save and invest just as easy really.

I don’t actually have an overdraft with starling so the debt argument doesn’t apply to me. I just don’t think there’s enough to ever make me switch.


Well despite it being stuck on we cant verify you for ages, I decided to email them two days ago, and guess what, absolutely no response. And without stating the obvious, if the customer service is this horrendous this early, its a pointless thing to even go any further.

(Liam) #180


As an FYI, the March issuance is 1 million.

I doubt they’ll have 1,000 active users by that point, but if they did, you’d be guaranteed a safe bet with £1,000

The reality is, you could probably put £10,000 in and be safe.

I can’t see any other chances to do this with other accounts at the moment.

(Marcel Ruhf) #182

They’ve posted an update regarding this issue on their forum.

(Derpa Derp) #183

If I don’t get an invite by the end of the day I am gonna go to the dozens offices and do a dirty protest :rage: