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I see MSE are pushing this again:

My personal view is and always has been, the £1000 ‘fine’ is complete and total scaremongering. I’d like to see a FOI request from DVLA to find out just how many drivers have ever been ‘fined’ for not keeping their licence up to date. My betting is, they can’t provide the information.

That all being said, personally, I’ve never understood the mentality of people who whinge whine and complain they were refused a car hire or were stopped by the Rozzers who subsequently discovered that their driving licence photo card had ‘expired’.

The bottom line is, DVLA sends out a reminder weeks before the licence ‘expires’. The fact is people often choose to ignore the letter or come up with the age old excuse of ‘I never received it Guv’, which if like me you’ve had your mail stolen in the past I can actually sympathise with to a point. Mostly though, lots of people just can’t be arsed to tell DVLA when they’ve moved address, in which case they deserve the consequences of their personal administrative failures.

My own photo card licence ‘expires’ this year and I’m well aware of it, I don’t need a reminder from DVLA to tell me that fact.

I guess some of us are just too perfect :rofl:

You can always do your own FOI request. I had a renewal online and it took a few minutes using my passport.

I’m not that anal lol! I was just merely suggesting that probably no one ever gets fined that amount of money for failing to update their details.

As for updating online, yes, fully aware of that too. I’m going to have to submit a new photo anyway. My passport doesn’t expire until 2022 and it has the same photo on it as my driving licence which expires this year. Trouble is, as one does, I’ve aged lol! so I do need to update my photo on my DL otherwise it’ll have the photo from my passport lifted onto it and by the time renewal comes again, my photo would be 20 years old.

I’ve also noticed that car owners can now change the address for the car log book online if you’ve moved address.

I only found out the other week (was my first renewal), luckily my passport isn’t that old but my old licence I had long black hair :rofl:

Did you receive a letter? If so, how far in advance of expiry?

It will also be interesting to see what post BREXIT UK driving licences look like these days. I’m guessing they are still a nasty shade of pink, just missing the Euro ‘Stars’.

This will be my 3rd photocard licence renewal. They were introduced in 1999 and I applied for one as soon as they were introduced.

I can’t remember receiving anything.

Mines provisional but it’s a different design, still green though.

There’s a traffic light on the back, a new security mark with my photo (as well as generally more/different security marks), and a list of possible licences (it was just what you had on my last one).

Edit: It looks similar to this on the front

And similar to this on the back:

I have to admit, I would much prefer a green coloured full licence. I’ve never liked that stupid pink colour. My very first driving licence was a green paper licence which was subsequently changed to a pink paper licence. That looked bloody stupid too.

I was going to say my licence doesn’t have a traffic light on the back even though it was pink.

I’m still struggling to understand the logic of DVLA when it comes to the photograph of the licence holder.

The whole point allegedly of driving licence renewal after 10 years, is to ensure that the licence has an up to date photo of the driver and to ensure that eyesight details etc are recorded if required. The problem is, if you renew online at a cost of £14, you can only do so IF you hold a current passport. This is so they can ‘lift’ the photo from the passport and use that for your licence. The problem there is, if like me your passport has exactly the same photo on it as your DL, then you end up with the same bloody photo as you had before on your expired licence and so the licence holder could end up with the same photo on their licence for 20 years. Now I’m not sure about anyone else, but as I get older, I’m getting uglier and I look more menacing, so a new photo is definitely required.

The only way I can see that you can have a new updated photo on your licence, is to do it all by post. DVLA increase the price to do this, to £17. It doesn’t stop there though. You have to have to provide an official passport type approved photo, so that’s a visit to a photo me booth and £5 for the privilige. Then you’ve got to post it off and depending on which Royal Mail service you use, can cost another 2 quid for tracked delivery. As I refuse to send in official documents by untracked mail, then clearly I have to pay the extra.

Honestly, I bloody give up sometimes :rofl:

Use the post office service its £21, includes the photo, checking the documents are correct, and sending it to the DVLA.

So that’s where Sarah Morgan lives. She was my first love…( Now where’s me pen :rofl::thinking:).

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