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Can you add manual accounts on Yolt?

You couldn’t last time I checked.

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Just checked, you can’t.

Yolt has everything apart from Marcus (for me).

Hrmm. I like the addition of a pro subscription - to me it’s a far more user-friendly business model than trying to exploit users’ data. I wish more apps would go for a freemium model.

I do think, though, that their price point is a little too high. I currently pay £17.99/year for my budgeting app (which also has a web app). I input everything manually, as the bank syncing doesn’t work very well, so I could maybe be convinced to pay a little more for Emma, but at more than double the price I can’t really justify it.

Good luck to them though :slight_smile:

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Same here, I have no issues with charging but I also think their prices are way too high, especially when compared to Moneyhub which has a lot more account types. I’m glad they are offering a free option with the referrals but that’s fairly useless to me as I hate spamming people/forums with referral codes.


I’d happily pay £5 for individual features (the only one I want is manual accounts).

But I wouldn’t get value from the subscription unfortunately!

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Hi @podgib , I’d be interested to know what your current budgeting app is. I’m still trying to find the right one for me. Didn’t like Emma. Yolt is the only mobile-only app that has ticked my boxes but no web app. I dropped YNAB last year as it was too pricey for me.

I use Wallet from Budgetbakers. It has quite a lot of features, and fits my use case quite well :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll have a look :slight_smile:

I use Spendee https://www.spendee.com there is a premium features but the free functionality works extremely well. You can even add users to certain wallets which could be useful for couples.

I think they have overpriced it personally, the whole point of using a budgeting app is to be able to budget and keep track of your expenses, if you are actually looking to track expenses, the fact you have to pay is going to encourage people to look around at other products or services and there are lots out there. As can already be seen by people posting alternatives in this thread. Nothing wrong with a premium product but it has to be based accordingly, and £60 a year isn’t priced accordingly for the kind of app it is, most people choose monthly so it works out near £60 a year.

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So I signed up but they’re missing Revolut :sweat_smile: which is understandable I guess since you can hold balances in multiple currencies. It’s a bit of a shame though, in all honesty. Trying to find my nationwide account number to link that though, since I use Revolut as only a spending account and have no regular outgoings from it, it’s not too much of an issue.

I found my customer number but apparently I can’t remember my memorable data, meaning I’m relatively sure nationwide just locked my accoumt after the 50th try :sweat_smile:

I don’t think any account aggregators support Revolut. Revolut would need to release an API for personal accounts first.

Unfortunately Revolut doesn’t have an API for personal customers. It’s one of many things that I appreciate about Starling and Monzo - that I can access my data the way I want to, whenever I want to. I asked them about it once, and they said that there were no plans for it. I really hope they’ll change their mind about it at some point.

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Hey guys, for those of you like Emma. They’re considering IFTTT support. Which enables a huge amount of automations:

Like the tweet to show you’ll like this feature to be worked on!

I’d noticed they’d started doing Weekly Reports now in the app, like “You’re in the top X% of people spending at Y”.

But going off Twitter posts, the numbers shown in these reports are strikingly similar. The ones I’ve seen so far on there are “You are in the top 0.2%”, “You spend more than 99.8% of others” (same difference), and today there’s 2 separate posts where the person is in the “top 18.23%”? :thinking:

It also appears that monthly budgets are to be added.

Look what I have found!

I see too many familiar faces here. ahaha

If you have any questions, ask me anything. :slight_smile:


By the way, we are live on Product Hunt to celebrate our launch in the US! https://www.producthunt.com/posts/emma-2-0