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There is no way it would be that easy.

I use lastpass and get asked the same thing, what if someone hacks them and steals all your passwords. Well lastpass has been hacked but as with everything my passwords are encrypted so there is no way for anyone to access the passwords even if they are hacked. It will be the same with truelayer.

No one has ever had their passwords stolen via lastpass or their back accounts accessed in a malicious way via truelayer.

(sam) #22

What about a bad actor at truelayer?
As they need to access your passwords to log into the respective accounts they will have a way to unencrypt them even if they are stored encrypted.


Yes that might be possible as I’m not sure how they do it.

With lastpass my information is encrypted and decrypted on my device so even someone at lastpass can’t access my information.

All this will be solved when open banking becomes more mainstream.


Emma is an FCA-regulated account information service (AIS) provider. According to the FCA

Your banking terms and conditions should not prevent you from sharing your credentials with regulated AIS or PIS providers. Your bank cannot hold you responsible for unauthorised transactions just because you have shared your credentials with regulated AIS and PIS providers.

For this reason I’m not too concerned about sharing bank login credentials with Emma or other regulated AIS providers. Whether this FCA mandate on responsibility extends to credit card companies, I’m not sure.

(DΛVΞ) #25

Yeah, that’s my point.

I asked Amex CS via chat about sharing credentials with Emma, and didn’t get a definitive answer. So I then asked Emma on Twitter, and I must say, they took a very defensive tone, which kind of put me off to be honest.


Ah, I see. I got the impression your concern (or primary concern) was use of screen screen scraping in general.


Is that yen? 日本人ですか



Emma has a screen scramble feature - Which mixes up all the figures in case you wanted to show someone the app.

Eduardo (the CEO and the person who seems to be in charge of social, customer service, and everything else to be honest lol, is very good in a lot of ways… But I don’t know whether it’s a culture thing, or a “lost in translation thing”, but I’ve seen a lot of defensive responses!

I’ll forgive him as his development pace is rapid! And I believe he really wants the best for his app and his customers.

(Jim) #29

They are going to launch a Pro version soon:



Well that’s the end of them then… :crazy_face:

(Andy) #31

That’s my feeling. I’ve been trying it. Wanted to like it but far too cutesy for me. Didn’t feel like a banking/finance app and was of limited use. Muddled priorities and muddled terminology. All my repeat commitments were called “Subscriptions” for some reason and and many were not being recognized as regular.

I still have Money Dashboard but have yet to find a decent all-in-one service. I wonder if Mint will ever arrive in the UK?


Have you tried Yolt? It’s only mobile and I used to be a fan (but I forgot my PIN code and the only way to reset it is to create a new account).

(Jim) #33

Have you tried Moneyhub? It’s a subscription service but you get a month’s trial and it’s then £10 a year.

(Andy) #35

Yep I did try it a while ago and, again, it too fell by the wayside. May take another look though…

(Andy) #36

I’ll have a look :slight_smile:


Until EMMA allows me to add manual accounts (without the pro subscription), it’ll be useless to me as I’ll still need to check with my trusty spreadsheet.

It seems like an obvious thing to include from the start (manual accounts) - No idea why they didn’t.

(Andy) #38

Just had a look at Yolt and I’m giving it another go. Big plus for me is that both my main accounts (Santander and Starling) are supported via open banking! Expected Starling to be, but didn’t expect Santander, big plus. It also looks and feels more polished and not like a My Little Pony game.


Can you add manual accounts on Yolt?

(Jim) #40

You couldn’t last time I checked.


Just checked, you can’t.

Yolt has everything apart from Marcus (for me).