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(Tom) #1

A little late to the party, but I just started looking at Emma/Yolt today. They look pretty similar from what I can tell, would you guys recommend one over the other?

(Lee) #2

Both good but since they updated I think Emma is better and they’re developing new features and connections all the time, they’re on fire. Worth giving them both a go though and see which you prefer.


Although Yolt has far more accounts to connect to, I’m a total Emma convert. Constantly updating with enhancements and adding new accounts (Capital One, Tesco and MBNA in the latest batch).

One great feature is a daily notification of all your connected balances.

Open the app and you can view balances and transactions - a lot quicker than opening each associated Bank app.

I’ve joined their Beta testing, I’ve currently been testing my Virgin Investment account via Saltedge and this should be released soon hopefully.

They are totally receptive to ideas and comments, non of that sulky attitude lol

But plug your accounts into both and see what you think :clap:

(Jim) #4

I started off using Yolt but found Emma nicer to use and their support were way more receptive and responsive e.g. I noticed both Yolt and Emma were showing my Starling transactions out by an hour after the BST clock change so I contacted both support teams. Emma had it fixed within the hour whereas Yolt sorted it about a week later.

The final straw with Yolt though was trying to paste in my Tesco credit card password - it’s 64 characters long and Yolt wouldn’t let me paste it in more than about 30 or so characters. I contacted their support and was told to set a shorter password for the account :roll_eyes:

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May I ask why you have a 64 character password? It’s impressive they support that but unnecessary.

16 characters is more than enough.

(Jim) #6

It’s the max that 1Password allows. Given I don’t know or care what the password is I figure it may as well be long enough to make bruteforcing it take forever :slightly_smiling_face:

(Liam) #7

Pft, like there’s anything more secure than ‘Password123’. It’s got a capital P for heavens sake.

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(Tom) #8



(Tom) #9

Thanks for the replies, sounds like Emma is the favourite, will check both out :+1:

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(Tom) #10

Been playing with both apps for the last few days, Emma feels slightly nicer so far. Yolt makes it harder to get an overview, I’m finding.

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Has anyone added Wealthify to Yolt?

Edit - Just found it.

(Charlie W) #12

Yolt is great, but it’s a bit of a nightmare trying to categorise spend sometimes.
Insights are pretty, but really only scratch the surface of what i would ultimately like from an aggregation app.

(Guy Rintoul) #13

Aware this thread has gone quiet but thought I’d add my penny’s worth.

I used to use Yolt but have become a firm Emma fan more recently. As has already been mentioned, Yolt are SLOW to fix issues (if ever). Tesco Bank syncing has been broken for months now - Emma faced the same issue with Tesco changing their API but implemented a neat, user-friendly workaround very quickly. I’ve rarely felt the difference between the speed of an agile startup vs. the lumbering slow processes of a traditional bank (ING) so keenly.

I also prefer the way Emma groups my spending into an everyday spending tab (current accounts + credit cards) and a savings tab (along with ability to manually change the section you put them in, if for example you have a high-interest current account you’d rather list under savings) - unlike Yolt where it’s less easy to see at a glance what the net balance of my current accounts and credit cards is.

+1 for Emma :slight_smile:

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Didn’t know about this :+1:

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(Guy Rintoul) #15

Yup, I’ve found it super-useful - for example I have a Nationwide FlexPlus current account, but it just has money sitting in it for the 3% interest, so I’ve changed the type from current to savings.


Emma also now has a community

(Grant MacGregor) #17

I’ve tried both and decided to stick with Emma.

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