Euro accounts launching this week

(Dan Mullen) #1

Looks like Euro accounts are finally here…

(Marcel Ruhf) #2

That’s very good news indeed - I’m looking forward to seeing how the Euro offering complements what’s already on offer (i.e. will we able to exchange £ to €, and what kind of fees if any would that involve).


So my nan is French and lives in England now, but still gets her French pension paid into her French bank… Apparently its proper old school and even things like setting up a new payee takes like four days!! She does have a NatWest account now but that’s got a card reader so can’t be taken seriously!

Assuming she isn’t kicked out next month, is this account suitable for her? (ignoring, for now, that her phone has a green screen and physical buttons! :joy: :joy:) I might even buy her a nice phone just so I don’t have to listen to how hard banking is. Even though it’ll be difficult to convince her to try because she’s been with her French bank about four hundred and seventy five years (give or take!)

(Dan Mullen) #4

Sounds ideal for her, though I’ve yet to read the full details.


The Starling Euro account is being rolled out from today and will be available initially to customers on the waiting list. It will then be made available to more Starling customers in tranches. To see if they can open a Euro account, customers simply open the app, tap on the menu, find ‘Get another Starling Account’ and choose Euro Account.

I don’t have it yet, despite being on the waiting list. :frowning:

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #6

Later this year, Starling personal account debit cards will be enabled to work with the Euro Account.

This bit excites me because the implication is 1 card for multiple accounts. At the same time it probably means I won’t get one as I only have a business account with them


Same :pensive:



Have any of you updated the app though, surely its with the latest app update ? Starling don’t use switches normally, only updates. Although they may be different this time.


Got confused: no I didn’t. No update available for me…


The update is in Itunes now, but not showing in the play store yet.


I did now get an update and installed it, but still no EUR account :frowning:

(Dan Mullen) #12

I queried the Android update on Twitter and they said if I refreshed my Play Store cache it would be there. It isn’t :confused:

(Dan Mullen) #13

Speak of the devil and he shall appear… it’s there now.

(sam) #14

I think that “can” help, but not always


I’ve got my Euro account!

(Dan) #16

And me!! Easy to set up!

(Manda) #18

Just opened a Euro Account. Thanks for the heads up.


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Might want to remove your previous screenshot @Nick


I would if Discourse let me… @liam?