Euro accounts launching this week


I don’t see the harm in it if you ask her nicely and see what she says. She replied to an email of mine before.


I received my email invite yesterday, very quick to set up.

(Liam) #268

I think Starling may have been laying it on a bit thick in describing Euro accounts as ‘launched’.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the cautious approach, rolling things out at a pace that enables you to cope with demand and get things right (looking at you N26), but…

…This just isn’t a ‘launched’ product as most of the world would recognise one.

For starters its easier getting hold of rocking horse deposits while Staling continue to offer it out to a narrow set of a select few of their waiting list.


I don’t really understand why though?

As far as I can see, it’s as finished as they want it - It’s everything you’d need minus the ability to be able to spend on?

Nothing seems to have changed since it was first launched, and I’m not sure what could change?

If they flipped a switch today to allow everyone to sign up for one, I can’t imagine a huge influx of people signing up.

(Liam) #270

For my money, I wonder if they’d have been better off referring to it as ‘in Beta’ up until the point where they’ve got debit cards enabled for Euro transactions.

I’d say that would be when it becomes a viable banking product.


I’ve always had the feeling Starling don’t like the “beta” tag…

To be fair, Starling has easily replaced Revolut for me - The spending I’d do on the normal GBP balance anyway, and the transfers from Monday to Friday are just as cheap (and give me a little bit more peace of mind).

But yeah, once you can spend in EUR from your debit cards, it’s literally 2 bank accounts in one.


I like the Euro account, does most of what I want, the only thing I would really like is not having a UK IBAN, I have a UK IBAN with my main account, places like Amazon and Paypal won’t send Euro payments to a Starling EURO account because its a UK IBAN.

(Dan Mullen) #273

They refer to it as a “pilot” here


Well that’s some strong revisionism there. In the announcement, they certainly didn’t refer to it as anything of the sort. They didn’t even say that it was a limited initial rollout…

Being a Starling customer just got even better. From this week you can hold, send and receive euros for free with a Starling euro account.


I wonder whether they’re simply not making any or enough money off the accounts right now to justify opening this up to everyone.

The MSE coverage of Starling as a travel card must have cost them quite a bit, so maybe once burnt, twice shy.

I mean, people will be queuing up for this, particularly once it has a fee-free Euro debit card, so I think they’re right to be cautious.

(Andrew Buckland) #276

I tweeted them to get the same response, they are slowly rolling it on… think my stone is currently gathering some moss.


Didn’t the original waiting list saying the first 5,000 would get priority access? If they’re still rolling out to those on the waiting list, what is the hold up over 2 months later ?


I was quite late to sign up to the original waiting list, but was able to sign up within days of the announcement.

I think if you weren’t on the original list, it could be a long while


I also signed up pretty late to the original wait list, but I think I was the second wave to get invited to trial the euro accounts.

Just wish they didn’t have a GB IBAN tbh, I would prefer an FI/EE one…

(DΛVΞ) #280

I got a reply from CS, and it was pretty much “you’ll get it when you get it” :man_shrugging:

(Andrew Buckland) #281

My continual moaning must have helped, I now have a euro account!!

(Lord Chimpington... the 3rd) #282

Still nothing here… haven’t moaned yet :wink:


Clearly I haven’t done enough moaning…

(DΛVΞ) #284

Same. Hurrah for continual moaning!

(Dan Mullen) #285

I think I’ve seen that movie… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: