Euro accounts launching this week

I think they did. I’m just thinking how it might develop. If it’s easy to do, fine, but I’d not want them to prioritise it over anything else in the pipeline.

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What Starling should do is give us a dedicated card for euro spending…

It’s an interesting one. I’m not necessarily saying either the Rev or Starling way is the ‘right’ way - just different.

I’m not actually sure which I prefer. Both have their pros and cons.

Just needs to be spelled out I suppose.

No evidence for this really but I have a feeling this isn’t something they’ll do. Linking the card saves you from having three four or five starling cards, and they have a US$ account in the works for example.

Considering that the euro account allows for scheduled payments etc. Adding in another mixed account option just seems to me like it would be to confusing.

The card one is easy, on and it uses your euro account, off and it doesn’t. But link the accounts themselves together, how do you handle payments? What happens when a scheduled payments comes out your euro account with no money? What happened when a scheduled payment comes out your gbp account with no money? Now the argument is it should take and convert and charge you to move money around your accounts to pay for things.

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They basically did… turn on card control to link the card.

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I don’t have a Euro account, but if I did I would expect it to work the way it does, and not debit your GB account if you didn’t have enough money in your Euro account.

After all, they don’t take money from your spaces to cover payments when you don’t have enough in your GB account.

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They didn’t because I have a GB BIN which means I’m potentially going to get screwed by DCC being post applied by disingenuous merchants in Spain

Since it’s going to decline anyways they should have just saved some hassle and given me another card :thinking::thinking: then I would actually be able to use my EUR for GBP purchases too!

So… Upon reflection - I think it’s fine as it is.

Now where’s my coat …? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think of the Euro account like I do my Business and Joint accounts. Completely separate. I can see where the confusion may arise as the Personal debit card is a link between the two accounts.

Isn’t the problem Starling themselves say one card two accounts, so imply its all linked, so its not so much that it should be linked, but Starling make people think it is. When in fact its not really one card for two accounts, its one card you switch between accounts manually. That confusion will most likely affect lots of people, because people take things literally, and why should they not, after all its a bank.

Yes I’m aware people on this forum will disagree its confusing, but I’m talking about the general public. Not those with 10 FinTech accounts.


You don’t switch it between accounts. You can use one card on two separate accounts, or not. Theres no option to have the card switch between each account.

One card, two account. Your card is charged euros? It charges your euro account; charged pounds? It charges your gbp account.

I think I’ve proved my point, you have to explain it :wink:

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My point was that one card two accounts doesn’t match what you described at all.

No idea why you are arguing with me about it, I didn’t write the text Starling use.

We hope you’ve been enjoying overseas spending without paying a penny (or, rather, a cent), courtesy of your Starling euro account. Brace yourself for an exciting update: you can now use your debit card to pay in euros from your euro account - fancy that!

  1. Just tap the euro account card icon in your euro account menu.
  2. Tap link card to euro account.
  3. Press okay on the pop up and you’re done.

Ready to start spending euros? Just go to the ‘Card and Currency Controls’ section in the app and toggle ‘Currency Controls’ to switch between euros and pounds.


Just noticed - Starling have now made it crystal clear that insufficient funds will result in transaction failure.

So that’s that…:grinning:


Someone on twitter questioning whether US Dollar account is available so must be coming soon. Best had sort or decide upper or lowercase before it does launch. Euro and dollar.

Doesn’t show the US dollar account on iOS yet.

Yeah, I was delighted to see that update but quickly disappointed when I realised the “Get” button isn’t yet functional!

The latest Android update has now removed the US account option. I hope they’re just holding out for an End of Year new feature release announcement!

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Perhaps feature parity for the account? I think they released the euro account to everyone at the same time (or announced at least). My bet it’s it’s there in both iOS and android, just not activated yet.