Euro accounts launching this week

Isn’t the problem Starling themselves say one card two accounts, so imply its all linked, so its not so much that it should be linked, but Starling make people think it is. When in fact its not really one card for two accounts, its one card you switch between accounts manually. That confusion will most likely affect lots of people, because people take things literally, and why should they not, after all its a bank.

Yes I’m aware people on this forum will disagree its confusing, but I’m talking about the general public. Not those with 10 FinTech accounts.


You don’t switch it between accounts. You can use one card on two separate accounts, or not. Theres no option to have the card switch between each account.

One card, two account. Your card is charged euros? It charges your euro account; charged pounds? It charges your gbp account.

I think I’ve proved my point, you have to explain it :wink:

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My point was that one card two accounts doesn’t match what you described at all.

No idea why you are arguing with me about it, I didn’t write the text Starling use.

We hope you’ve been enjoying overseas spending without paying a penny (or, rather, a cent), courtesy of your Starling euro account. Brace yourself for an exciting update: you can now use your debit card to pay in euros from your euro account - fancy that!

  1. Just tap the euro account card icon in your euro account menu.
  2. Tap link card to euro account.
  3. Press okay on the pop up and you’re done.

Ready to start spending euros? Just go to the ‘Card and Currency Controls’ section in the app and toggle ‘Currency Controls’ to switch between euros and pounds.


Just noticed - Starling have now made it crystal clear that insufficient funds will result in transaction failure.

So that’s that…:grinning:


Someone on twitter questioning whether US Dollar account is available so must be coming soon. Best had sort or decide upper or lowercase before it does launch. Euro and dollar.

Doesn’t show the US dollar account on iOS yet.

Yeah, I was delighted to see that update but quickly disappointed when I realised the “Get” button isn’t yet functional!

The latest Android update has now removed the US account option. I hope they’re just holding out for an End of Year new feature release announcement!

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Perhaps feature parity for the account? I think they released the euro account to everyone at the same time (or announced at least). My bet it’s it’s there in both iOS and android, just not activated yet.

When you have cards linked and want to withdrawn in Euros which account does it use?

From an ATM?

Euro purchases and ATM withdrawals use the euro account

Thank you @Recchan, I thought that was logical, but banks are not always logical

Yes @Graham

Enjoy wherever you are but, though you’ll probably not need it, a reminder that the accounts are separate (I found out (sort of) the hard way).

Just noticed you were part of that earlier conversation. :grinning:

I’m currently in a little village not far from the seaside city of Salerno in Italy, so been using my card, just need cash here, and not used it linked before, so was wondering.

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I believe it’s primarily the ATMs which are not logical, or deliberately set up to try and con tourists.

If I remember right you just need to make sure that you do not let the atm make a conversion to local currency for you.

Even with a Euro card you have to make sure you select not to convert, as it converts to Sterling then your bank converts to Euro, I’ve been stung before. So automatically check that no matter what currency or country I’m in. I have a US card that does the same in the USA tries to convert first.

So yes, not logical for ATM’s lol

I need to just get a USD one issued in the US and a Euro one issued not in the UK, to solve my problem I suppose.

I traveled for 7 months last year, only used an ATM twice, so cash isn’t so important nowadays. But always handy to have access to and a bit in my wallet.

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Yeah, I imagine you’re not gonna find a whole lot of contactless terminals in that “little village just outside Salerno“ :blush:.