Euro accounts launching this week


I’m still curious as to how I’m meant to open a Euro account. It’s not in the app bit :pensive: there’s no update either!


They are sending emails to those who were on the waitlist.

When did you sign up?

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For those who have one. Did you get an email or was it just in the App? I am on the waiting list but have not had an email and it does not show in the IOS app.

(Liam) #65

I was surprised that it wasn’t mentioned in the release notes for this morning’s update.

The GBP badge is in, but there’s no open a new account button.

I see it in my business account I have on an old iPhone. Obviously it is greyed out, however


Yes the rules relating to chargebacks are changing.

As of April 12, 2019, if you initiate a refund after the chargeback has been reversed and the issuer files a second chargeback, it will result in a double loss.

To support faster resolution of disputes, Mastercard has reduced the timeframe to file a chargeback for reason code 4834 - Point of Interaction Error from 120 days to 90 (counted from the transaction date). You won’t need to do anything here if you’re one of our customers.

Lastly, the below chargeback reason codes will be removed from the rules and issuers will no longer be allowed to file a chargeback:

  • Chargeback reason code 4840 - Fraudulent Processing of Transactions
  • Chargeback reason code 4863 - Cardholder does not recognize

I cant see any DCC changes in April. That have not been placed in the December 2018 Mastercard Rules.

Biometric rules will be enforced from April 2019.

No changes to DCC are planned or announced, unless I missed an important update, which is possible. Although I doubt I would forget something like that.

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Me too - signed up to the waitlist as soon as they opened it. Not seeing it yet on Android.

I can’t remember if I received confirmation that I’d been added to the waitlist. Wonder if anything went wrong when I signed up, or perhaps they are just doing a phased approach?


E-mail came through telling me it was in the app.

Definitely a staged roll out.


I didn’t get an email, I click on open another account in app, to open it.


For those that have a EUR account: is the interest rate the same as for GBP accounts?


I’ve got my EUR account (on Android), came through email about midday today. It looks great. Having trouble sending a test tenner from my KBC Ireland account though, keeps refusing to go through.

Anyone else (@thefifthrace) having similar issues?

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Sadly in won’t be seeing that for a while. I CASS’d my Starling account to HSBC so unless I get access on my sole trader account I’m afraid I cannot contribute


Ah - fair enough. I remember now… I’ll call KBC in the morning then. Hopefully it’s nothing!

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I’ve just sent some money via revolut. Also I never had an issue sending directly from my old Starling Sterling account


I’m the same. No issues in the past. I’ve no doubt it’s easily solved

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The irony is i’m currently spending so many Euros i have none left to hold in an account :see_no_evil::weary::joy:

Incidentally, the fella in my local credit agricole, (which is less a bank and more the world’s worst coffee shop on account of the fact that they are a bricks and mortar bank which doesn’t actually accept cash, or do any banking functions, but will make you a shockingly weak coffee and book you an appointment with a branch 70 miles away that may actually perform some banking functions for you) keeps flirting with me. I guess you can take the boy out of Brighton… but i’d rather it was more Megan Caywood than Francoise from Credit Agricole if i’m going to get chatted up by a bank employee really…

PS, love the Spice reference, I’ve just taken delivery of the VB throne that was in a music vid and i used to have in my office. I’m thinking it will look right at home in a french farmhouse.


I’m telling you both CaxtonFX and Revolut have said that this will be placed as a rule onto acquirers from 1st April 2019. I’m unsure to what form this will take, but we’ll see then, surely.


Hey Everyone,

I wasn’t sure where to post this (@Liam- please move if off-topic).

I’m going on a year abroad with Uni in September. Therefore, I’m really looking for
who will provide the best Euro account.

I’m not going to be getting paid in Euros, but need an account somewhere to transfer from UK based bank to a Euro account to avoid fees and a good withdrawal limit.

I just need it strictly for day to day spending

So what would everybody advise?

1- Just use Monzo and my high street bank.

2- Revolut and if so - standard, premium or metal?

3- I do have N26 as well, but not using the account at the moment, as I think the features aren’t 100% there yet. I cancelled my metal supscription as the benefits I didn’t think were worth the price. However, I do like the look of ‘N26 Black’ and I think for £4.90 a month the price is good.

4- Get a Starling Euro Account later in the year - I can reapply with Starling in May but I have no need or want for a GBP Starling personal account. Therefore, I find it a drawback that you can only have a Starling Euro account if you also have a Starling GBP Personal account.

Many Thanks :slight_smile:


I would probably advise Monese Premium or Revolut.

As for what tier of Revolut, depends on your circumstances. What country? Germans typically use more physical cash than the French so I’d suggest Premium or Metal if its Germany.

I’ll need more clarification for anything more detailed.

(Dan Mullen) #80

A Starling personal account (GBP) would have been perfect for your needs and would be my recommendation to anyone, but I know you really don’t like them as a company. On the other hand you do like Monzo, so you probably want to go with them and suck up the ATM fee.

I personally wouldn’t go N26 Black as I think it’s a complete waste of money, though their standard account may be worth looking at.

I suppose it depends on how much money you see yourself withdrawing from ATMs each month.


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