Euro accounts launching this week


If you have an N26 account just use that, its rates are good, it offers what you want. No need to get another account just for the sake of it, after all most use the interbank or mastercard rate, so the rate you are getting isn’t going to be different.


With the introduction of the new account I’m not a fan of this new design. The green has changed on the joint account and has a reflective finish where the other have a vignette style and the currency is just too much in your face. I wish Starling would make more use of dark blue or purple and quit with the gaudy green. First world problems.




No interest is paid on the EUR account.


I got an email through and then updated the app to see I could open a EUR account under the Account Management -> Get another Starling account. I’m on Android and it all worked fine.


Interesting (pun not intended). So the last thing id want to do is transfer a massive wedge to it when rates are good as i then loose interest on that cash. Though i guess it depends what is better, the interest i make, or the savings on a good exchange rate…


Thanks for your replies everyone :slight_smile:

@Recchan - It’ll be either French or Belgium I know for definite. I’ll get confirmation at
the end of this month I think.

@danmullen - That’s the worst thing! I think Starling’s product is outstanding, and it’s not even the fact they have policies in place I disagree with - It’s the tone of CS as I’ve found some of them extremely patronising. Getting blocked by their social media just for sending feedback which wasn’t even nasty or rude was the last straw. If they can’t take criticism, then how do you ever improve?

Also, The issue I have with only having Monzo, is that it’s only £200 fee free a month, and I just don’t know realistically living in a European country for a entire year, whether that would be enough.

@daedal I do like N26 - I haven’t had the issues with it as other people have. I did like the look of the N26 black as it has unlimited fee free withdrawals abroad which I think for £4.90 a month isn’t too bad.

Also, when all is said and done, this all feels like a missed opportunity by N26. I think if they’d have launched with Euro accounts ready to go alongside GBP accounts, they could have had the monopoly over Starling on this.

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I appreciate it’s a slightly different situation to yours, but having just had to pay a builder in cash (I think we all know why :roll_eyes: Not my choice but what they all basically insist in this part of France or they add 50% on to your bill and have a tantrum that they have to report it) i’ve just had to do a ridiculous fee free card max out so would suggest you think carefully about this. I was having to do £300 from Starling, another £200 on Starling via Curve, £200 on Monzo, £250 on Revolut, and £200 on Transferwise, then waiting for it to reset and going back the next day to do the same again with Starling, Curve, and Revolut. The Monzo and Transferwise were then rendered useless to me for a month after one withdrawal as is the Revolut now i’ve maxed that out too. The one time i took out €500 via my Nationwide Flex Direct i only have for the 5% interest it cost me almost £14 horrifyingly so although you think 'oh well, it’s only 2% or whatever, it really adds up.

Of course you likely won’t be paying out anywhere near as much in one go as i have had to, but it was only when i needed to that i realised quite how uselessly low the Monzo limit is. It’s irritating that the Starling limit is only £300, but at least that’s daily and you can go back the next day and get that again if you need to.

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That’s one of N26’s advantages - their daily cash withdrawal limit is £2500.

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What are the high street banks ATM limits out of interest?
HSBC £300
Co-op £250
Barclays £300(£1000 on paid account)
Nationwide £500

The benefit is you could go into a branch and after much moaning about needing to pre-warn them withdraw a larger sum.
But this wouldn’t be possible with a UK bank abroad. So n26 limit is pretty good

I do think without branches there isn’t a way to withdraw larger amounts, which if you think it about “should” never be necessary. As an electronic alternative should be there for every given scenario

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Sounds like the way for @camy_93 to go then! I’ve still not done anything about N26 myself as I really wanted both currencies and with their ridiculous 10 year rule wasn’t keen on opening a UK account, realising a Euro one would be more useful then facing the N26 robotic CS telling me computer says no. I understand the 10 year rule may be more flexible now though so perhaps it’s back in play for me.

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I’m not sure to be honest. Nationwide was cool with 500€ as I say, so theirs is clearly more but I’m not sure of others

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Isn’t it usually about the equivalent of £350 on a standard account? Rings a bell.

(sam) #94

I’ve edited my post above with limits of a few popular banks

(Marcel Ruhf) #95

Not sure, but I remember @Recchan saying that they “removed” the ban due to people moving to different countries (at which point they would want to open a “local” account).

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Just redesign them and upload your own :laughing:


Barclays have not been £300 for a long time. The default is £300, its £500 the limit you can set in app as your max unless you have one of the premium accounts, where its £1000 - £10000 depending on the account with the standard premier limit being £1000

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If that’s the case they’re website team are underselling their product as this makes it sound like the max for a standard account is £300


Actually the whole page is badly worded. Yes its a standard limit of £300 until you change it in app, but it doesn’t explain the max is £500 as standard.

I’ve just gone into my app to make sure I’m not confused, and yeah I can set it up to £500 and its not a premier account.

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Okay, got my Euro account but just trying to send a test transfer from my Dads Spanish bank and it won’t accept the BIC - any ideas?

(Dan) #101

Is this a similar situation to when banks haven’t updated to include Monzo/Starling sort codes?