Euro accounts launching this week


They are using a different one for a Euro account, for some reason the international databases used have not all been updated with the new BIC/SWIFT Code.

Until its updated you will have problems.

I had problems with Amazon, I also tried the code in a few other places, some accept it, some don’t.

Transferwise for example shows this for the new code.

  • Your 4-digit bank code SRLG is for Starling Bank Limited
  • Your 2-digit country code GB is for United Kingdom
  • Your 2-digit location code 3L was not found but may be correct.

I spoke to Amazon they said they are getting an error, so its rejected automatically. Which makes sense, but wanted to make sure it wasn’t me and they are generally good at checking.

(Dave Alderton) #103

I did some digging and found another BIC code SRLGGB2LXXX

I am sure this is the older one but the Spanish Bank took it. No idea if my 10 euros will turn up-should know tomorrow!


That is the one for GBP accounts

It should still arrive if Starling’s systems make sense


It will but it’ll be converted into GBP at a rate that starling chooses.

(Dave Alderton) #106

Well that will be interesting as I used the Euro IBAN.

I can see one of three things happening

  1. Payment gets rejected
  2. Payment gets made and finds its way into the Euro account
  3. Payment gets made and gets deposited in personal GBP account.

Who knows!


Your IBAN is the account it will be deposited in.

All that will happen is it will be routed the wrong way, to the GBP not EURO system, if Starling have the system set up wrong, it might get rejected but it shouldn’t as it built it from scratch.

(Dan Mullen) #108

I got my Euro account today. First things first… set up a Euro coin jar for roundups :smiley:

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(Liam) #110

Euro accounts still just for people who put themselves in the early access list?



Ten ten


After opening my euro account I too set up a coin jar goal called “Coin jar €”. And proceeded to turn on roundups. All was well.

To my surprise you can have round ups active on your GBP account AND your EUR accounts. I was actually hoping that my GBP roundups would be converted and deposited in my EUR coin jar; that would have been a nice way to save for holiday spends.

So I understand the logic, but roundups to my EUR coin jar will only happen while actually spending from my EUR account. And of course that won’t happen until they implement the debit card switching mechanism.

(Liam) #113

But aren’t they a separate account? I mean I have goals in my account and our joint account and they are distinct to each account.

Forgive my ignorance if I’m missunderstanding, I can’t play with this yet because I’m an outsider!


Yep - they are separate accounts. I was just hoping that my £ spends would topup a coin jar in €. I totally understand that it doesn’t work as I hoped. Not a criticism of the implementation, just an observation.

(Liam) #115

Maybe could be a job for a webhooks script (if you can pay to other accounts using them)

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Interesting I have the option for a Euro account but the process doesn’t complete.

I’m guessing it’s because I CASS’d my account away so don’t have a Personal account

(Dave Alderton) #117

Okay, so the money has left the Spanish Bank but is yet to appear anywhere yet.

Hopefully it should resolve one way or another today!


I sent just €5 as a test from Revolut at 4.35pm yesterday afternoon, which was credited to my Starling € account this morning at 7.38am.

(Liam) #119

I’ve found payments on Revolut to be quite slow (compared to Starling, Monzo, NatWest, Santander). I wonder if it would have been quicker elsewhere.

I guess time will tell.

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #120

I find even “fast payments” are kind of slow. Normally takes 2 hours to transfer money from Revolut. I think they do all payments in batches


Does anyone know how long SEPA payments should actually take? I did find this:

Revolut “faster payments” are definitely not fast - taking anything up to 12 hours whereas most banks achieve a transfer in less than 12 seconds. But faster payments are GBP only.