Euro accounts launching this week

(sam) #122

With the new euro accounts, can you move an amount across to your euro account and back or do you have to send a transfer in Euros?


It transfers it to GBP and vice versa, you get told exactly how much in the relevant currency. You can move it back and forwards by just clicking the relevant inter account transfer button, rather than as a payment.

(sam) #124

That’s good. If you transfer £1 back and forward how much do you end up with?


It depends on the exchange rate at the time.

Possibly a few pennies more, possibly less, possibly even the same.

(sam) #126

That’s really good.


I missed a call from Starling, the Sole Trader Euro account that I have was due to a bug they have now fixed, so it is just for personal accounts at the moment.

(sam) #128

I wonder if they read about it on here?


Do you really think Starling are trawling this forum?? :joy::joy:

(sam) #130

Yep I would be


I assume they are monitoring the use of the accounts closely before launching publicaly to everyone.

I can’t have been the only one that created a Sole Trader one, even though I actually never meant to, but I would use it so it was a bonus.

(sam) #132

Shame they didn’t let you keep it. Although they may be a regulatory issue with.not.havimg correct terms for a euro business account


I’ve still got it, they haven’t closed it, just advised to use a personal one.

( #134

A couple of people definitely pop by now and again to see what we’re chatting about. It’s not exactly daily, or even weekly as far as I’m aware, and may not even be at all now, but I know a couple of staff members definitely were previously. :wave: :purple_heart::green_heart:

I’d expect them to check the Monzo forum too occasionally, no doubt with more eye-rolling than even me while doing so, just to catch any possible issues that are brought up before they become a full blown crisis. That’s just common sense for from a CS/ marketing perspective.

(Liam) #135

There certainly were a couple of IPs within a small geographic area in London’s city district that gave this site a bit of love from multiple browsers/users when we first launched.

Not checked in a little while though.

(sam) #136

So it’s officially launched. Still a phased roll out though

(Liam) #137

I don’t have an issue with that, I just find it a tad odd.

Aren’t phased launches about managing demand and lowering risk of delays, etc?

I’d have thought Euro bank accounts would be a bit niche. You sign up for one when you need one and it’s only ever going to be a few that decide they need one.

(sam) #138

Don’t you sign up for stuff just because it’s there?
A lot of people who signed up with neo banks have done so because of the cheap currency when travelling so I expect this appeals to a higher percentage of customers

(Liam) #139

To be fair, yes I do - sometimes.

I would just have thought that the numbers of people who are in that boat would be relatively small in the scheme of things.

The Starling Euro account does appeal to me. I make a few semi-regular payments for things online in Euros.

At present I use my Revolut card. It would be nice to not have to keep moving money around so much.

But as card payments are still a work in progress then I am in no rush.


How come you don’t use your Starling card?

(Liam) #141

Actually, good question.

I’ve taken to using my Starling card when in Poland - simply because I am going to buy things anyway. I do this really for simplicity.

For some reason, when I am online at home I tend calculate how much its going to cost me in GBP in advance and then use the Revolut. Starling just tells you how much after the event - It also uses the MC rate over the inter-bank rate (not that there’s much in it).