Euro accounts launching this week

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I can’t remember now, but did Starling send a confirmation email out when you registered your interest for Euro accounts? I’m sure I registered my interest, but can’t find an email from them at all? It’s also not a visible option in the app for me yet.


They’re rolling euro accounts out in batches (even for those who registered interest!)

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I’m in the same position


I haven’t received any confirmation email when I registered my interest. I just checked with CS my position. They confirmed that I’m in waitlist and they are rolling in batches - I’m in the next batch


I might have missed the answer somewhere in the thread, but does anyone know if you can have a joint EUR account?

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Not at present, personal only.


Ah that’s a shame. Thanks for confirming :ok_hand:


I saw the envelope and the first thing it did was remind me of starling and I was right, so shows the colouring works


It wasn’t meant to be??? I thought they let you keep the account?


They did, but its now closed, like they said to me they can’t guarantee it will work. So there is no point it being open. I was never going to risk my money in it.

When they release business Euro accounts, I’ll just re-open it knowing it will work.


What is the long term plan does anybody know for the Euro accounts? Will they work from the same debit card, where you choose the account for the transaction similar to Curve? or is the plan to have seperate Euro account debit cards?

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It’ll be a single debit card for both your personal and Euro accounts. I guess the way it will work is when you pay for something in EUR, it’ll take funds from your Euro account if you have enough, otherwise it’ll take from your personal account and convert it, the way it currently does.

I’d like the option of being able to manually select the account used.


I know its silly, but little things like the socks and chocolate make them seem like real people not just a random bank.

Loyalty is very hard to get, and gestures are a good thing to encourage loyalty.

I opened a personal Euro account because I will use it, I would have preferred a business one, but its not a big deal using a personal one for now.


Could you not open a Starling business account anyway?


Wrong topic, this is about Euro accounts.

I have a business account with them, it let me open a business Euro account with them, but that was a bug, hence the chocolates and socks.


I know it’s about Euro accounts. I was just interested as to why you needed a Euro business account, and why the normal business account isn’t totally suifficent. :man_shrugging:


GBP vs EUR :grinning:

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And even though we all know its standard procedure I don’t think any of us feel less of it. I don’t see you getting chocolate and socks and think “how dare you Anne, I thought you sent mine especially, now I see you send them to lots of people!” like you might feel if you’d complained to Tesco and got sent a £5 gift card. There still seems to be something personal about the socks etc.


Yeah it is, they didn’t need to do anything, but they did, I didn’t complain or anything.


Because I have a successful Amazon part time business that trades in other countries, and I would rather not let Amazon exchange to GBP from Euro in the European countries I trade in.