Euro accounts launching this week


Ahh right :slight_smile: - Now they’re launching Euro personal accounts - I don’t think it’ll be too long before they follow suit with Euro business accounts. After all, they’re looking at international expansion and people with businesses in other countries that use the Euro will want a business account too.

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Could you get Amazon to pay you in EUR to your Starling GBP business account, then let Starling do the conversion?


Sadly not, Amazon automatically pay in the bank account currency, I can force them to use a different one for Euro but if I put my Starling IBAN it knows I’ve used it for Sterling so pays all in Sterling at its own exchange rate.

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Ah right. Fingers crossed they hurry up with the Euro business accounts then! :crossed_fingers:t2:


Did you never consider a Revolut business account? You can manage multiple currencies including Euro in there, or are you wanting the functionality of having both in the same app with Starling?


I have lots of bank accounts for my full time job, I don’t want lots for my part time business, so I’ll stick with Starling. I’ve looked around there is lots of options, but Starling is free, quick and simple, revolut isn’t instant so doesn’t suit my needs. I know they use faster payments but its not instant faster payments.

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I got a gift in the post too.
I’m happy I’ve got milk chocolate and not earl grey though :+1:


The chocolate is nice, expensive but definitely decent quality.

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I’ve eaten most of mine already. Very nice
I’ve got my socks on too. Very comfy

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  • I do have a pair of starling socks
  • I don’t have a pair of starling socks

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I don’t have Euro account access yet :euro::unamused:

I am however nearing some Starling socks. Should be one away after my most recent invite uses their card

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Yeah the Euro account rollout seems to be going extremely slowly.


I just get set up with a Euro account. I signed up on the waiting list as soon as I heard about it. (So I guess in the first day or two.)

Setup is very smooth. Instant. I sent and received small test transfers to my own account with KBC Ireland and the transfers took 30 mins incoming and 90 minutes outgoing. That’s pretty impressive.

I’ve been frustrated by the long wait for the Euro account option to be activated, but not as much as I have by the jaja waiting list shenanigans.

The euro facility is a great addition for me.

Like @danmullen I’d like to be able to toggle the currencies debited in the app. (Citibank used to do this a long time ago, I remember.) Or else have a card for each currency!


Looks like I finally got my Euro account. yay! (just in time, too, as my dad wants to send me some money.)

However, I couldn’t find their exchange rates: Can someone kindly point me to a document outlining their exchange rates for the account, or do I need to contact support?


They’re Starling rates :slight_smile: of which I have no idea because they’re not labelled anywhere.

Edit: actually it tells you when you go to transfer the money!


You can see the exchange rate when you go to convert the money.

I don’t think it’s available outside of that feature though (I guess it’s because it changes so regularly).


Thank you both @Recchan and @Nick! Excellent. And the rate appears to be even better than transferwise, so that’s great!


I’ve looked at it multiple times and have concluded…

Revolut and Starling offer virtually identical rates (Revolut can sometimes be a penny cheaper… but that’s about it).

Transferwise/Monzo are always more expensive.


That’s good to know! I’ve been avoiding Revolut for a while now as they have caused me some trouble in the past. So just knowing that they are cheaper than Transferwise (whom I have used until now) is good. Knowing there doesn’t appear to be any cheaper provider is great :slight_smile: