Experience with JoomPay cashback?

I was wondering if anyone in this community is a customer with JoomPay.
Each month they offer cashback, when spending with their VISA card, on different MCC categories, they advertise it can be up to 10% and I have seen a ‘screenshot’ of 8% for Transportation. But their offering for September is quite disappointing (see screenshot below) and for me not worthwhile to become a customer.
Is any of you a JoomPay customer and can tell what has been their cashback offering for the last couple of months and some general experiences with them?

Is JoomPay available in the U.K.? Their iOS app says that it ‘isn’t available in this region’ (GB).

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Probably want to avoid it anyways. Luxembourg-registered entity operating with a Lithuanian licence.

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I decided to try and get the information I was looking for from their customer support.

Turns out that the screenshot showing 8% in January on Transportation was ‘manufactured’, since in January they did not offer cashback yet.

For August and September the categories and percentages were:

-Joom - 5%

Choose 2 from:
-Bills & Utilities - 0.5%
-Entertainment - 0.5%
-Health & Beauty - 0.5%
-Groseries - 0.5%
-Pets - 2%
-Flowers - 2%

In July the categories were the same but the percentage was doubled.

I tried to get this info also for the months before July (not even sure if they offered cashback in the months before July), but after about 7 mails I gave up.
For now their offer only seems interesting if you are buying a lot in the categories pets and flowers and/or if you buy a lot on Joom.