Facebook are Selling Your Phone Number to Advertisers!



Tbh I just wish Facebook would allow me to remove my phone number as 2FA. I have U2F keys linked already. I’m not in need of something like a phone number as a link :thinking:

(Liam) #4

Download your Facebook file. I did early last year.
Reading that file is why I’m no longer a Facebook user.

(l8n.me) #5

Sadly for you you will miss series 2 of SKAM AUSTIN, coming March 15, exclusive to Facebook Watch…

(Yes, I know you likely have no idea what this is and even if you did you wouldn’t hand over all your personal data to Facebook to see it, but just let me have my plug please, this is al the ad budget allows, Facebook are surprisingly mean when it comes to paying for content :pray::joy:)

(Liam) #6

I’m actually not in the slightest bit surprised they’re mean in paying for content.

They have a great marketable resource… people.


I find Facebook terrifying nowadays. I’ve never used my real name on there or put in real information, despite the fact that every single time I logged in I got giant banners telling me my profile is only 15% complete!

Some of the things that put me off are… The time I went for a meal and didn’t even take my phone out of my pocket, let alone go on Facebook, and immediately started getting adverts for that very restaurant! (I’m saying restaurant to sound posh… It’s was a pub.)… The time I casually asked my ex, as she was dropping off the kids, “Oh have you seen the new Star Trek film?” (again with my phone in my pocket “resting”) and immediately got Star Trek based adverts. And when they brought out the feature of “Find out which of your friends are nearby so you can keep in touch” which was the most thinly veiled, “Click here for permission to let us monitor where exactly you are at any time, all the time, under the guise of connecting people” that I’ve ever seen!

Scary stuff.

Plus, all the news of them manipulating people’s feeds as sick experiments to see if they can affect their moods by pushing more negative “news” to the top. The data harvesting and selling beyond the scope of what anyone would consider reasonable. I’m not that naive… I know that they NEED to sell our info to make money. I’m not one of those stupid people that posted crap about not giving Facebook permission to use my pictures, despite agreeing to all of their terms and conditions, etc etc… They make me laugh… But I think I the harvesting should definitely be confined to the app itself. Not third party apps, secret apps, when the app is closed or using outright secret surveillance!!

A few years ago they closed an account I’d had for ten years on the basis that it wasn’t my real name. Although it was a name I was well known by all over the world. This is despite many people pointing out how terrible their real name policy is. They say its for safety so that if someone is being bad they can only do it under their real name. But again, this is utter crap compared to the idea that is because they can’t surveil fake information as profitably! But a criminal could set up hundreds new names a day and not care because he only wants to terrorise… Not actually keep it. But people like stalking or abuse victims who want to keep their account to keep in touch, but use a secret name so that abusers and undesirables can’t find them, are not allowed. Native Americans with name like Sitting Otter are discriminated against because Facebook says they’re not “real” names. And transgender people, just starting out on the journey, already dealing with all the potential difficulties, mentally, emotionally and socially, of changing have been stopped from using their new, preferred, name because they won’t have the documentation to back it up yet.

When they closed my account they said I could reopen it by sending in “Official government issued documentation”! Screw that! :joy: :joy: Who do they think they are?

But above all that, although I did replace my killed off account with another incognito one, the reason why I don’t use that anymore either is, sadly, the people. A huge amount of the world’s population appears to be made up of small minded, vulgar, racist, sexist, abusive, vile, insensitive, trolling, piles of filthy nastiness wrapped in skin. The kind of people who will read posts along the lines of “Person different to you did something wholly unbelievable and easily disproven to someone who looks like you that you don’t like” and immediate spit bile without even considering that the whole thing is made up. The kind of people who just spread all the horrible things they can against an group of people or individuals, which then incites further morons to jump on the made up bandwagon. It’s not surprising people get so hurt and are sometimes driven to drastic measures as a result.

Is a shame, because I used to love Facebook. You’d write something fun about what you were up to and your friends would write something fun as a comment. Now there’s very little original or personal on there. It’s just videos, memes, lies and hatred. Everyone should quit it immediately and find something else. :joy:

Why can’t people just be nice. Since when did “If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing” become “Screw everyone else… Let’s get 'em!”

That’s what I think anyway.

The end.

(Dotun) #8

As long Facebook Inc holds Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp the company is never going to die.

At least for another 10 years.

(Liam) #9

Of those, WhatsApp is the one I still use and can’t really find a replacement for.

Not unless the world suddenly falls back in love with BBM.

  • Threema
  • KakaoTalk
  • Line
  • Viber
  • WeChat


(Liam) #11

The people I chat to are on WhatsApp.
I could get one of those, but I’d be talking to myself.


Not to defend Facebook as I think they’re shit, but here we go.

So you broke their ToS and they enforced it. If you read their ToS lack of enforcement doesn’t lose their right to enforce it if they choose to do so.

I think it’s pretty reasonable as it stops law enforcement from doing this also. Means people have less of a chance of self incriminating themselves.

You can hide your account from being searched, if I recall correctly. Or just block the person.

I’m sure they can create the account if that’s on their birth certificate. It is typically a stupid name everywhere else in the world though, so I can understand why they’d block this by default.

Your name is a legal thing, as in regardless of what you call yourself, you are still whatever it says on that document that the government endorses.

Like Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn, because he changed his name. He wasn’t Caitlyn before he changed his name.

(sam) #13

Sometimes we wish @recchan stuck to doing that :wink::wink:


As does everyone on the Monzo forums about you :ok_hand:t2: apparently

(Derpa Derp) #15

I have a fake Facebook account with no one added on it as I deactivated my real one years ago however I have noticed some of my friends popping up on this fake one!

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #16

Big fan of Threema and Signal but especially Threema. Threema doesn’t require any personal details to function at all but does have ability to verify people in person.

I use Threema a lot for secure client communications but only once I have verified their ID by scanning their QR code

(Neil) #17


It’s really quite rude to dead name a trans person or deliberately use the wrong pronouns.

(l8n.me) #18

To be fair to Recchan, I was going to say the same, but looking at what was written it wasn’t straightforward. Bruce was a man, Caitlyn is a woman, Caitlyn seems from what I’ve seen very happy to speak about Bruce and life pre-Caitlyn. Perhaps you’re right, but it seemed more complicated than just deadnaming to me as it was specifically talking about names and the gender attached at that time. :man_shrugging:t2:

Edit: unless it was just dead-naming, then don’t do that Recchan, that’s not a pleasant or decent thing to do at all.

(sam) #19

I think it gets quite complicated


What is dead-naming?

As for deliberate use of the wrong pronouns, I won’t even go into that :joy: it’s a long argument that I don’t want to have


Are you alright? That’s not the Recchan we all know!