Facebook are Selling Your Phone Number to Advertisers!


Unless it’s fuel…

from Asda… :joy:


I’m not bothered because I see the benefits. Google scans my emails for keywords to provide targeted ads and I get a good email service. They track everywhere I go but that also means when your car isn’t moving they know there is a traffic jam and can report that to everyone in real time. People can also see when places are busy in real time. The list goes on and on.

No one at google is sitting reading your emails.


My ISP sees all my traffic coming from either Chisinau, Zurich, London or Tokyo :slight_smile:

I don’t call people except over VoIP.

The bank can know where I spent my money, but they can’t know what I spent it on :wink: they can guess for sure, and I’m sure someone could find out, but it’s not too much of an issue. If I cared more I’d buy only in cash, in person, while wearing a mask.

Also the government doesn’t know where you travel as long as you’re within the European Union. It doesn’t get stamped :wink:


Actually iirc Google got a bunch of shit thrown at them for actually reading emails. Now they just scan it for content to make sure you’re not subject to phishing or scams.

They have a really neat encryption algorithm that allows them to do this without actually compromising your privacy, email-wise.

It also means if your government wants to know where you are, Google can provide it and be legally obligated to do so. It’s disgusting practice that a company should track what is none of their business.

What if you live in an oppressive state and your government wants to get rid of you? All they need to do is force Google to give the data up.

This is why I hate their motto of not being evil. They are evil to the core of their business model.

Encryption is very important.

It means when I talk to someone about my plot of world domination, the government can say “I know you’re talking to them” but the government can’t say “This is what you’re talking about”

This helps the world thrive. We need freedom of the press and anonymity to ensure our journalism isn’t tainted by oppressive regimes.

To ensure this, we need a Pirate Government (both Labour and Tory’s want to weaken the protections granted by encryption by forcing backdoors or forcing you to give up your decryption keys or else charging you for not giving them up, which could be exploited by criminals in the same way)

Unfortunately this actually does help terrorists and other criminals, but I’d rather protect the privacy of billions of people, than let less than 0.01% of the population who are terrorists scare our government into doing wrong by us.

Edit: Sorry for the rant, I’m a cyber security student and I’m extremely paranoid.

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Your passport gets scanned though :eyes:


They can say I’ve went to France but in the Schengen Area there are no land borders. I could go to Poland from there and the government would be under the impression I’m still in France /shrug

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That’s not entirely true. Being outside of Schengen means you have to scan your passport at least once to enter the EU. It’s the same with US Global Entry… they may not know where you went but they do know where you entered and unless you use cash they know where you’ve been from your card useage


Yes they can tell me I entered the schengen area through France but they couldn’t tell me I’ve been to Poland, Germany and Switzerland without me using my card there.

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I don’t wish to sound paranoid but I think you’re seriously underestimating what governments and security agencies are capable of if they chose to follow you.

You should watch Enemy of the State…It’s a old film (1998) but holds up very very well


If you think they’re shit and don’t want to defend them but go on to defend them anyway then isn’t that literally picking an argument for the sake of arguing? I know you like a good old dispute but that’s a bizarre opening… But fine… Let’s counter… :joy::joy: Cos I can’t sleep…

I did. But they’re a social network. They’re not the police. If I’m commonly known SOCIALLY as something other than my name, and all my Facebook friends (who for me where ONLY actually real friends and acquaintances) know me SOCIALLY as that name and people all over the world know me SOCIALLY as that name then I just think its stupid to not allow me to use my SOCIALLY accepted name on a SOCIAL network. MySpace, bebo, snapchat, vero, Instagram, etc etc all accepted it.

This is my problem… They started out as a “nice” way to connect to people and have fun. Now they’re this “send us official government papers” psycho, manipulating, controlling, experimenting entity.

You may disagree, but it won’t make me change my mind. They make money off me regardless of my name being made up but it’s not enough for them!

I don’t understand this at all. What? What about law enforcement? What stops what? Facebook aren’t law enforcement. Who is incriminating themselves by having a fake name?

I think parts of Europe (Germany?) have actually told Facebook to cancel their real name policy to protect vulnerable people. And quite right too! Partly because…

This… Why should you? If you’re a delicate little lady who’s been hounded for a decade by a crazy stalker psycho who ruined your life, family, marriage, job, friends, but they only get 3 years jail and now they’re out again, why shouldn’t you be allowed to call yourself something different to try and remain off the radar? You’ll still want friends. You’ll still want to connect and stay in touch. But you’ll want to be allowed a certain amount of anonymity that the real name policy denies you. And let’s face it, it would be utterly moronic to think your stalker is going to use their real name! And it’s all very well saying “block the person” but if that person is sick and harassing you, and probably using fake names anyway, they’re not going to worry about getting blocked because they’ll be making a dozen new names. Whereas the victim may actually want to use theirs long term for actually keeping in touch. I see nothing wrong at all with allowing this and Facebook’s official line of “the real name policy ensures we know the names of the perpetrators” is the worst pile of crap because the bad people will use fake names anyway. Again, it all comes down to, “we want your real details because then we can sell them for more, regardless of if it potentially puts you in harms way!”

What if you’ve spent your whole school and college life being mercilessly bullied to the brink of almost considering giving it all up permanently, only to find the strength to move to a new city and start a new life with new friends and leave it behind… You know that by being forced to use your real name your only options are, make it really hard for your new life to find you or allow all the dark times, traumatic memories and horrible people to come with you.

I know that, with a bit more looking, someone could probably find you anyway, but why make it easy?

Wow… You just cast aspersions over a whole group of people and their “stupid” names :exploding_head:
… Isn’t there a word for that? :thinking:

Yes… But that’s twice you’ve brought up the law and stuff… But that’s the thing… FACEBOOK AREN’T THE POLICE! They’re not the government. They’re not the gestapo! They’re a social network. Essentially a play thing. They’re a bored-moment filler.

And saying your name can ONLY be your name is, again, going to upset a whole section of people. If you’re called Nathan but you want to be Janice, why the hell should Facebook deny that because of a real name (for selling) policy. There can be quite a long journey through transitioning and there’s no saying at which point your name will get changed. Why should Facebook get to tell you, “Yeah, sorry Nathan… I know you now look like a girl, act like a girl, want to be a girl, identify as a girl, are known amongst everyone you love as a girl, and have struggled with coming to terms with the fact that you feel you were born in the wrong body and have suffered greatly as a result but now you and everyone around you are so proud of how far you’ve come and everyone is embracing the changes you’ve made and how much happier you are as Janice and how you haven’t got long to go before the transition is complete and you’d like to put the past behind you. But screw you… Nathan! You’re still Nathan!”

That’s not very nice, is it?


There. I did one of those multi-quote replies that are so popular nowadays. How did I do?

I know it’s their Ts & Cs. And I know if you sign up then you agree. But it doesn’t make it right. I think they’ve turned into a monster. And I think it’s a monster that’s too big and changing too fast for any current legislation to really get a hold of. And I can’t believe that they changed from simply making money selling our info (which I was kind of okay with… It’s their business model and if you put something on the Internet you expect it to be passed around anyway) to manipulating feeds, trying to affect people’s moods. Trying to affect how people vote. Using people as scientific experiments.

That’s why I deleted everything.

The end.


I can’t reply to that last point without upsetting people and as for the rest of them, I can’t be bothered since my dinner is downstairs :’) so I think we should leave it as that.


Dinner? At this time? But it’s nearly tomorrow! :astonished::astonished::joy::joy:

But fair enough. I should really be sleeping anyway.



My bedtime is like 06:00 :sweat_smile:


Thanks, I did

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9to5 have either just picked this up or picked up some developments. it’s all got a bit TLDR for me


This is peak paranoia!

So someone who has your number who most likely already knows you can find you on facebook using your number.

The people complaining about this probably have a public profile with their birthday and all their photos public :joy:

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Yeah lol. Don’t see a problem with this. It’s like WhatsApp!

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It does mean you can use facebook as a reverse directory enquiries.

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Which is what I do :joy_cat: :eyes:

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Which is more than likely means facebook are failing under their GDPR obligations.