Finangel Feedback

(What the Fork Dude?) #1

Does anyone here use Finangel?

Their App Store profile says they offer Sterling, Euro and US Dollar accounts but they don’t currently offer IBAN’s

AppStore Blurb

Plus right now they seem to be offering £50 cash back


It’s business is about lending money, although interest fee, it is still lending. As its based on lending it places a footprint on your credit record, which they are very open about.

So unless you need to split payments over three months, it offers no benefit over any of the other prepaid cards about.

(Dotun) #3

I was about to sign up but then…how can I use my Tesco Bank card (to get clubcard points from it, TB doesn’t count DDs and paying off things to another financial institution) or pay off with Amex to get points?

So in the end, thanks but no thanks…


I can’t see this lasting long but good luck to them.