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I know this community probably initially only had Starling users but I’m wondering if it has become a bit more diverse and thought this might be an interesting exercise…

I’m assuming everyone on here uses at least one UK mobile-only bank or bank-like account, even if they also maintain a traditional bank account which they consider their primary account.

What do you consider your primary UK mobile-only bank or bank-like non-business account (the one you use most or whatever other criteria you want to use for defining primary)?

EDIT: Based on some early responses in the thread, please use the existing “Other” category if you feel you don’t use any mobile-only bank or bank-like app in a meaningful enough way to warrant a vote. Adding a new “none” category would break the poll.

  • Dozens
  • Monese
  • Monzo
  • N26
  • Revolut
  • Starling
  • Other (please mention in thread)

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In fairness… I used to use Monzo… but now I’ve switched to Starling.

Still have a Monzo account though (dormant)


I get my salary paid into a high street bank then move it where needed. Starling mostly but a chunk goes in Monzo too.

Guess this wouldn’t be needed if I put my spending on AMEX but who would work like that? Crazy :rofl:

Why do you use both?

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I do have all of the above apart from Monese. Starling is now my main bank account and has been for a while.

Considering getting rid of Monzo as getting fed up with them still after many months not being able to “save” payee’s. Recent payee’s doesn’t cut it for me…

I have all the above except Monzo, but I selected Revolut as it’s the only one I actually use (if rarely). I also use Curve and Tandem a bit.

I’m mostly happy with “legacy” bank with decent web + mobile apps, plus Amex and Virgin Atlantic CC for spending. Still hoping that one of the fintechs (probably Starling) produces something that I want to switch to :slight_smile:

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Food budget goes in Monzo to stop us accidentally going over during month


I tend to use Starling more, purely because I have a sole trader account with them.

Revolut I need for work purposes, but don’t use it apart from once a month.

Monzo I use for some things mainly aliexpress and some regular subscriptions, that are just fun so not real expense, so its my odd account I call it.

Dozens I will use for the 5% bonds, they are instant access so I like that idea.

The others I don’t touch.

I’ve been using Revolut as my main account since faster payments have become virtually instant. That plus everything else the account offers has made it a very well-rounded banking product for me. It also makes the transition from my uni life in the UK to my career in my native country easier due to its multicurrency capabilities.

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There really should be a “none” option :wink: I don’t really use any mobile only bank with any frequency. Every now and then I use my Starling euro account, but that’s it. My wife uses her starling sole trader account.

99.99% of my banking is with my “legacy” banks (Barclays, natwest, amex, Halifax).


Tricky question that. If it is the mobile-only bank account I use the most it would be Monzo, but to be fair I don’t really use it that much at all. Just for the occasional thing to see how they are getting on with developing the account/app. And I do much the same with Starling because if I were likely to use one mobile-only bank more it would be one of these two I expect.

Like @nanos most of my banking is done with high street banks, mostly Nationwide and Lloyds.

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Have edited the original post to suggest those who don’t feel they use any single mobile only bank/bank-like app in a meaningful enough way use the pre-existing “other” category.

Unfortunately, adding a new “none” category would break the poll.


I’ve picked other, as my banking is with Nationwide for the FlexDirect interest and my spending through AmEx and Tandem for cashback. I use Revolut for the phone insurance and used Monzo as my main account for a while last year, but don’t use any of them at the moment.

Revolut it had to be for me :wink: been using it for quite a while for general spending because of their somewhat decent merchant data

I use Starling as where I pay money into and have bills go out of and where I save money (besides my Nationwide 5% regular saver)

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That’s really surprising to hear! I always regarded you as one of the best forum posters over on Monzo land.

Curious as to what made you switch and do you regret investing in Monzo?


Huge if true :wink:

Whilst there’s things that Monzo do well… there’s more they don’t do well (IMO), and it’s not helping their case that they’ll drop developing core banking functionality (my usual example is cheque imaging) for stuff like “Tags” (bad example)

Also not helped by the echo chamber…

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Couple more polls I think would be interesting to tack onto this thread on the back of some earlier comments.

1) Is your primary UK bank a traditional bank/building society (Barclays, HSBC, Nationwide etc) or a mobile-only bank (e.g. Monzo, Starling, N26)?

I’m excluding bank-like providers which don’t yet hold full banking licence applicable in the UK from this question (e.g. Monese, Revolut).

You’ll have to make your own judgement as to what contitutes your primary account. I’m going to choose mobile-only because that is where I do most of my transactions even though I have my salary paid into a traditional bank.

  • Traditional bank
  • Mobile-only bank
  • I don’t have an account with a fully licensed bank

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2) How do you do the majority of your day-to-day spending in brick and mortar stores/establishments?

  • Cash
  • Traditional bank debit card (either directly on the card or via Apple/Google Pay or similar)
  • Mobile-only bank debit card (either directly on the card or via Apple/Google Pay or similar)
  • Bank-like/prepaid debit card (e.g. Monese/Revolut) (either directly on the card or via Apple/Google Pay or similar)
  • Credit Card (either directly on the card or via Apple/Google Pay or similar)
  • Other

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In the second poll, which option would you put a Curve card in?

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Curve isn’t really a bank card as such. You could just look at the underlying cards and choose whichever one of those you use the most maybe. Or maybe just choose “Other”?


Whichever of your underlying cards gets charged by Curve

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